Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A great Weekend at the Mesothelioma UK Conference Part 1

At this point I would like to say Thank you to all the people that read my blog. I never knew just how much I give to you until I find Doctors, nurses and just so many of you read it and laugh with me, cry with me.But so many over the weekend have told me what it means to them so I promise to continue and write it with you all in mind. XXX

We are home after a wonderful Weekend. I know it meant putting Louis in Kennels but after that we got to Leicester in plenty of go straight into a meeting with the Mesothelioma UK Nurses where they were interested in my story. I did it with out notes and no planning as it was very informal.

They asked me lots of questions and it was great.

Prof Dean fennel also gave a run down on new trials as a preconference talk.The Mesothelioma UK Newsletter hard copy has a centrefold of trials and what hospitals they are at.. There are so many and this is info I have always wanted. It is going to be on the Meso Uk web site so please look and please take up trials as it is the way to go. They are going to they make individual drugs now for each persons DNA to work in the body Immunotherapy. My drug is in this class.

Ray said to Dean that Im the first in UK to have so much Shrinkage and Dean said. In the world. The World is waiting for the results. It totally threw me. As I know the results on the other two patients with me are good, but what has put me right out in front I dont know and Im willing to do all that I can for them to find out.

We went back to our rooms totally in a daze and I kept saying why? why me.

We all met up to go to the Italian Restaurant which was very nice and the atmosphere with all the waiters was just wonderful.




















When we got back to the Hotel Ray went to bed and the Nurses were a very bad influence on me and we had a nightcap together before I finally got off to bed.

Nest day was the conference I wont go into all the details as I will concentrate on that tomorrow as my video is loading to You Tube.

We did a guided tour around the city but I got so cold

I will do a better Blog tomorrow as we are so tired tonight but I would like to say thankyou for the Flowers that appeared in my Room








The card said Dearest mavis Theses flowers are especially for you but the sentiment that comes with them goes to every warrior and carer that is there today –I never give up

Carol and Jim —-I knew it was from our Jim Homersham and we wish you love as well Jim as we know you are going through a very rough time. Keep the warrior spirit

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