Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Today we have Launched the Mesowarriors Calender for 2015

I have not done a blog the past few days as we have been so busy in a secret place sorting out our calender for Charity.

15 Mesowarriors came up with the idea of doing a Calender for 2015.

Linda Thomas put it very nice on her Facebook wall that describes what we have done.

Hi everyone, I’ve been involved in doing a calendar girl to raise money for research for Mesothelioma , an awful cancer caused by Asbestos, please please buy a calendar and see what Rose, Jude and myself were doing while they were here, we are in the month of September , so much hard work has gone into this , so please dig deep and please could you all share this for me guys, the charity is the June Hancock Research Charity , if you clink on the link it will give you details , it’s a bit cheeky but very tasteful , I’m so proud of everyone that has took part, under such sad circumstances I have made such lovely friends , if there is anyone that would like to sell them for me just pm me Thanks Guys love you all xx

She managed to take her photo when Rose and Judith visit her in Australia and we had the lovely photo

linda thomas











I was November and I casually asked Ray would he do it with me. I nearly fell through the floor when he said yes.

calender photo ray and me








Bless him even Louis got in on the act.

Angela goes and finds her friends horses and out in the fields she gets such a great picture but she forgot sitting on the horse your high up and the motorists could see her as they drove by.













I wont put everyone on as it spoils it and we need the sales.

calender front page 2








To pre order a calender please use our paypal services

Make sure you have your full postal adress correct

UK £13 Inc p&p


Europe €20 Inc p&p

Outside. Europe $20 Inc p&p

So we have Launched today so let the money role but we have had the time of our life with this and thats what is all about having fun and raising money for the June Hanck Charity.



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