Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- The Calendar is at the Printers. And The Saatchi Bill was debated Live in the House of Lords yesterday


last update







With the last face on the front cover an the last picture in we have got the Calendar at the printers

There are so many calenders this year that a competition has been started so of coarse we have entered.


We are now searching for 2015 naked charity calendars. The critieria are simple. It must be for a good cause, so any deserving charity would fit the bill. The photographs must be of good quality. And the photograher must be happy for us to use the naked charity calendar images in the magazine.

But we have got our lovely girls as well.

To pre order a calender please use our paypal services
by typing in at Paypal –

Make sure you have your full postal address correct
UK £13 Inc p&p

Europe €20 Inc p&p
Outside. Europe $20 Inc p&p

So life can return to normal.

We did make the Asbestos Daily As IATP have written about us in their News Letter

Our community of Meso Warriors have launched a “cheeky” calender campaign today, yes they have bared all to raise awareness and raise money for research! Please support and purchase your 2015 calender.. We can all help beat Mesothelioma.

Meso Warriors baring all for the Jane Hancock Mesothelioma research Fund.

Mesothelioma is a non-curable cancer caused by asbestos. Asbestos is still everywhere in buildings, schools etc that were built before mid 70’s. More and more new diagnosis is happening on a daily basis. We haven’t reached the peak of people contracting mesothelioma, PLEASE support and buy a calender and help us to to help research to stop unnecessary deaths. There is a cure; we just have to find it!

So we have to sit back and wait for the orders to come in. We had a small start yesterday so hopefully that will grow but we have had a lot of fun and amusement behind the scenes so that has been a great thing to have happened.

The Saatchi Bill was in parliament again

Saatchi Bill wrote on Facebook — Thanks to everybody for all your support today. It was a fantastic debate and we have now moved through to the report stage.

Lord Saatchi will host, as suggested by several in the debate, a round table session to ensure the Bill is in the best possible shape before reaching the other place.
One part I was very interested in and thats the University of Oxford keeping a central Database and a Register of Innovations.Amendment 15, in the name of the noble Lord, Lord Turnberg, would require the results of innovation carried out in reliance on the Bill to be registered or recorded. This is a most important amendment and I can certainly assure the House that I have great sympathy with its aim—it has been our aim from the beginning. I explained at Second Reading that we strongly believe that the Bill should be used to generate useful data about innovation. We agree completely with what the noble Lord, Lord Turnberg, said: if the Bill were successful in its aims and encouraged innovation, what would be the point if no record of the innovations was kept in an open, transparent and fully disclosable way to show that the claims that we make—that the Bill will advance scientific knowledge—were true.I expressed delight, which I repeat, and gratitude that the University of Oxford has expressed a willingness to facilitate a central database. It is prepared and willing to do that, and it considers it very important, as we all do, including the noble Lord, Lord Turnberg.I have been convinced that the medical profession has the mechanisms in place to allow a database to be established without statutory authority. That of course leads to the question of whether this requirement should or should not be on the face of the Bill. I have been convinced—and the Minister will say more about it—that the regulators can use guidance and other forms of professional regulation to ensure that the database is used. I would have been happy to include it in the Bill but we must hear the views of the Minister. I am sure I can say to the whole House with confidence that the Government share my view and that of the noble Lord, Lord Turnberg, that the keeping of a register of innovations is a most important part of what is claimed to be the merit of the Bill.

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