Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Steve is having a rough time and Calendar is all set up for Go.

Its been manic on Facebook and yesterday I add so many people into the Mesowarriors groups. What is happening is it because we are making people so aware of us or is the a surge in victims of the disease. I like to think we are making people so aware of our wonderful Facebook Groups and they are seeking info from us. We are the experts as we have all the knowledge at the frontline. I should say the battle line as it is a huge battle.

One for the need of knowledge first, when diagnosed, the where can we be treated, where are the trials etc etc.










Our Steve (we are the only ones standing out of our lovely group of 2009 )  was diagnosed the same time as me is suffering on the AZ0424 clinical trial. Hair loss being on of the main things. We women cope better as we can have wigs but a man, that is more difficult and when you have had a full head of hair it must be a shock to see a bald head. The worse part and where I feel so sorry for him is there is a lump showing on his chest. How can the disease progress when you are fighting it with a drug, that is the worse thing to happen. You meet the disease full on. If you remeber I talked about that when I saw an Xray


I saw my disease and things changed for me. I knew what I was fighting and no matter what happens with my disease shrinking the damage to my Lungs cant be mended.

Im really noticing now its winter that I get breathless on walks. I have to stop and recover. But I do it everyday as I need the exercise.

Linda keeps saying Steve is not suitable for Immunotherapy treatment. I want everyone to be suitable but she is right.   I have been having a good read and yes I can see why Steve is not a candidate for MK3475 -autoimmune′ disease-A disease in which impaired function and the destruction of tissue are caused by an immune reaction in which abnormal antibodies are produced and attack the body’s own cells and tissues. Autoimmune diseases include a wide variety of disorders, including many disorders of connective tissue, such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.-

I hope he recovers and feels better and that the lump is not the disease growing on. My love and thoughts are with Steve,

As for me I have no side effects with the drug but pains do occur within the left lung. It must hurt as the shrinkage carries on’

Life has become so busy on Facebook as we get the word out about our fund raising Calender. There are so many calenders where people have bared all for charity that there is a competition for the best one.

We are now searching for 2015 naked charity calendars. The critieria are simple. It must be for a good cause, so any deserving charity would fit the bill. The photographs must be of good quality. And the photograher must be happy for us to use the naked charity calendar images in the magazine.

Then Angie sent everything to Good Morning On ITV heavens I dont fancy Ray and I appearing in costume on telly. Ekkk

For those not on Facebook we have put all the details into our Web Page

There is so much interest we are having loads of fun with this on Facebook so it has really cheered everyone up.

Off today to Bluewater where I can do some Christmas shopping and to meet Chris form IATP. He was the one who presented me with an award 2 years ago.










Looking forward to meeting him and having a laugh as we both love camping.

Have a good day everyone


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