Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Scan day and Meeting with a Mesowarrior. And a video of my Speech at the National Asbestos Conference in Holland

Well it was scan day today so it was up early and set off for the Marsden. The weather was wonderful and sunny so we were very happy and relaxed. As it was half term in the schools the traffic was so clear and we sailed through. I was meeting James and Carol Homersham as they were travelling all the way from Suffolk. James has been so ill and we Mesowarriors have been worried about him But he has recovered after having Radiotherapy on his Esophagus with success and it has shrunk a tumour there.

So He has been sent an appointment by the Royal Marsden and Jim was excited  to see what they were going to offer.

We parked the car and walked down the hill to the front door when a lady in a car asked Ray ” Is that Mavis are you Ray” Love it, the joys of Facebook. When you meet you are friends and we have been through so much together.

We all hugged and cuddled and then walked into the hospital. I went to have blood tests as my Doctor had emailed to say she has a theory why I almost passed out on Tuesday with low blood sugar.

I waited in the waiting room until they could fit me in and then they took so many files of blood (after putting in loads of flashes as my PICC line wouldn’t give.) but the last two were very special ones and had to be taken before 10.30 ??? and then passed down and had to be tested within half an hour of taking from my body ???

So with the blood taken I could go for my scan. I met a lovely young woman in the waiting room. Her husband was blind. While he went to have  a cannula put in. We chatted and he has had Kidney cancer. They took the kidney out 2 years ago and he has been doing really well since. Just a check up scan. So happy for him.

It was my turn to, guess what ?,have my PICC line flushed again  So I passed for the contrast to run in through my veins.

I then was taken down stairs to the scanner to be delivered to the waiting room there.

I didnt wait long and I was called in. The scan went Ok and I was finished I thought. No! back to see the doctor.

He welcomed me and asked how I felt. The problem was only Tuesday when my head felt like it was in a vice as I changed the bedding. Ray made me a sugared coffee.

He told me all my bloods are good apart from the 2 special ones the result will be tomorrow for those.

He said that “your very healthy so have sugar not sweeteners”

That made me smile. So I will try that in the mornings with my breakfast and see if boosting my sugar intake helps.

He said also my scan was on the computer but he will read it and talk to me Tuesday. I said I just want to get over the 50% shrinkage.

I couldn’t tell him the Antibiotics I was on from the GP. Im very naughty like that so I said I would bring the box on Tuesday. Then I said that I was given Sudafed for the soreness the water infection was causing. Err they are a decongestant,I had meant Sudacream. He looked on WIKI and found that was for nappy rash. That made him smile.

We were free to go then. Back into the lift and off to the Cafe I bumped into Carol and Jim and they were so happy. they had a great sit down with the Doctor and Jim was offered a New trial. He wont know for 2 weeks just what but thats it he is settled with the Royal Marsden.

We had a party with cake and coffee and a talk about everything.

All good things come to an end and we had to both leave. But as we walked into the Reception area Ray remembered his camera and we took Photos. A Doctor passed and asked if he could take but Jim had already asked another nice man. So I made the Dodc line up with us. I said come on we love Doctors.

He worriedly asked where it was going and I replied Facebook everything goes on Facebook.













Me Jim and Carol









Im accosting the Doctor as he passes.













He even put his arm around me. What a picture of fun xx

So that was it our meeting was over. I hope we do meet when Jim is on his trial good luck my friend xx

Rays Blog

The second half of my blog is to share something that happened.

I was asked to speak at the



The struggle of Mavis

video presentation

The shocking story of Mavis Nye: how she got mesotholioom and how it changed her life dramatically. Mavis about her struggle as Asbestos Warrior, her struggle in the House of Lords and its international ambitions. During her story highlights what should be a shared ambition of our Dutch asbestos are chain: prevention can not heal! Mavis Nye

I was worried by the quality as it was recorded over SKYPE

I have received today a wonderful email.

Hi Mavis,

The conference went well and the reactions on your video were very good! In the attachment you can see the picture of your video during the conference. Multiple people told me that they attend conferences every so often and that all the conferences are normally focused on rules and regulations en techniques for removing asbestos safely. Mesothelioma is never talked about, while this is the most important reason for all the rules and regulations! Your video changed this for a lot of professionals yesterday. Now instead of only talking about rules and techniques people also talked and thought about the underlying reasons, this was of great value for the conference!

So again: thank you very much for making the video presentation! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

 Met vriendelijke groet,


I find that really great that my first European Speech has touched so many people and has in fact given such a powerful message of what it is like for a Patient and what they should be doing to make sure this madness stops.

Why so many people are dying because of contact with Asbestos.

Another Facebook Friend spoke at the Conference

C. European policy: what are you waiting for?

  • SEM: unanimous opinion to the European Commission
  • The building registry: Directive to legal status? Everything you need to know if building owner!
  • Laws about training your staff
  • International cooperation sector

Mr. Dr. Yvonne Waterman , Director, Aquarius Legal Consultancy

Yvonne was received as well -congratulations xx






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