Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A tribute to a long suffering Husband bless him.

Im not doing a blog today as Ray wrote some wonderful words last night. He doesnt usually talk to much about his feelings  but he did last night.



This is Ray on one of his most proudest moments when he presented Lord Bath with a portrait he had done as a request of the Kent MCC. We were on a rally at Longleat.

Saturday Ray wrote

Well its now November. Soon be Christmas then into 2015.  Back in 2009 when we got the devastating news that Mavis was given 3 months to live. We had no idea that we would be celebrating almost another 6 years in the future.  I would like a word with that Doctor.. He might  decide to change his bedside death delivering message .

With a little thought he could have said. Without  treatment  the prognosis is not good. But there is treatment  out there from which you  may have a brighter outcome. He left us with no hope ,only heart ache and misery and pain.

But 5 and a half years on ,although we have been on highs and lows, happiness and sadness, good news and bad news. We had absolutely no idea just what Mavis has been able to achieve both in her quest to  raise awareness and during the past few months a turn round in her  physical status of needing a walking frame and sticks to get about, still a little unsteady but determined to  improve.

From awards to  speeches to patient Representative ,  creating a blog  and a website achieving  over a  quarter of a million  hits which is amazing. TV  and radio interviews even recently an interview in Holland to broadcast to the Dutch to raise awareness to the dangers of asbestos. Even invited to  speak in the House of Commons  on 2 occasions including joining Lord Satchi and his  innovative Bill. We have traveled as far as Derby, Manchester Leicester as well as to Local towns discussing this insidious disease.      She  talks at NHS meetings takes part in their discussions. Even now she has been an inspiration in helping create a calendar to raise  money for Charity. She even cajoled me into posing in the calendar.

There is no bounds to her passion. Her fighting spirit and her ability to not give in  is the reason we have defied that early ill advised Doctors statement. She is truly an amazing woman.  I once said Mesothelioma didn’t know what it took on when it took on Mavis.

I am so proud of her and what she has achieved and I am sure she still has much more under her belt. Long may she continue to defy that early prognosis.


On Facebook a Warrior wrote  –Carole Homersham Hear Hear. We wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said about Mavis, if anybody deserves an M.B.E. she does and there are a few Doctors we would like to put straight too. But always remember Ray behind people like Mavis there is always a kind word a loving touch and a mountain of support. I wonder who that could be Ray. xx

She is so right and I love him to bits

484115_340041532742861_661149149_n (1)









ab pic



This is what Asbestos has been for my family so please lets make life safe for future families.

Please buy our Calender so we can raise money for research June Hancock Plays a wonderful part in research.


Preview here

Pre order your calendar now by paypal

(Printers update -calenders should b ready for dispatch 10th nov)

UK £13 Inc p&p

Europe €20 Inc p&p

Outside Europe $30 Inc p&p

Anybody who dosent have access to paypal please contact

Any enquiries please do not private message mavis or myself, please email

Thank you



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