Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A very very rainy day





The rain was none stop through the night and morning.  The sought of rain that makes you turn over in bed and go back to sleep.

I finally did get up but the rain was falling in sheets.

Lou wouldn’t even contemplate going out in the garden. I opened the door and he did about turn and raced back to the warm settee.

Parcels of Christmas  presents that I ordered last week are arriving and then I have had to find the space to store them until Christmas.

I had lots of email replying to do this morning.

Had one from My Doctor on my team and I have now begun my Patient Rep on the Research team. I had to give my opinion of Phase 2 of my drug.

I was so happy to do so and Im going to enjoy being in the know. I now know that in the background there is a lot of work going on and a lot of funding in the right places.

Tomorrow is the day for my drug but also I will get the result of my scan. Im so wound up as I just want more shrinkage, its all I think about. More shrinkage.

We did go out for a walk as there was a break in the clouds but it was fooling us and a huge black cloud decided to pour all over us as we walked around the park.

We arrived home soaked and Louis nudged me for the warm towel around him.

November marks lung cancer awareness month. The Global Lung Cancer Coalition has developed a new interactive map that allows lung cancer patients, clinicians and policymakers to compare statistics of the disease across the world.

Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the world and there are signification variations in its incidence, mortality and survival across the globe. You can access the atlas by clicking below.

Our Calendar is doing well and the pre orders are coming in so we are happy and hopeful of raising money.

We call ourselves the mesowarriors.  Mesothelioma is a non curable cancer caused by asbestos.
We are world wide but 12 of us from all over the uk have decided to do a shoot and collect photos to make a calendar.  , every single one of us in the shoot have been effected by meso.  we are wanting to raise awareness and raise money which we will be donating to June Hancock research fund.
we are just waiting for the photos to be published but today Sat 25th October we launched the calendar for ‘pre order’.
The girls, well ladies are all of a wide range age group.  We are a large group, that will hopefully sell calendars worldwide.

We meet up often though out the year and decided to carry a wish of our late friend ‘Debbie Brewer‘, who sadly lost her life on June 9th 2013,  by doing this calendar. Debbie contracted meso by sitting on her dads knee, when he came home from work, in his overalls after working with asbestos.

Mrs November ‘Mavis Nye’, suffers from meso after washing her husbands overalls.  Mavis is on an exciting new pre trial, which is being watched by the world by her fantastic shrinkage of meso.

This is the description on our facebook group page

mesowarriors baring all for the Jane Hancock Mesothelioma research Fund.

Mesothelioma is a non. cureable cancer caused by asbestos. Asbestos is still everywhere in buildings, schools etc that were built before the 90’s

More and more new diagnosis are happening on a daily basis. We haven’t reached the peak of people contracting mesothelioma, PLEASE support and buy a calender and help us to to help reasearch to stop unnecessary deaths. There is a cure, we just have to find it

The pictures of each month are on our web page just click the link and scroll to the bottom.

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