Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Mk3475 I have had so much shrinkage that everyone is so excited now.

Waking up at 4.30am and getting up to shower and have breakfast is not my idea of fun and most of all not Rays, bless him. But we did and breakfast eaten and drinks had to wake us up, dog walked, we left in a very dark morning at 6am to do the journey again to the Marsden.

Traffic was so good we arrived early before any body was in the ward and we turned the lights on in the waiting room. 7.20.

As the nurses came in and had their changeover we waited.

My bloods were taken at 8.20 and my PICC line was cleaned. I had to wait to see the Doctor.

A gorgeous Greek God walked in –yes he really is Greek. Shaking hands and a smile to die for we discussed my Scan which he said showed significant shrinkage . They would be measuring it today in a meeting.

As I have already had 43% up to now and now it would seem I have gone over 50% but I have to wait for the readings.

Everyone was well pleased with me he said.

He said they hadn’t had my blood test back. The special one to see why I come over whoosy.

I gave him my blood pressure readings  but he said they weren’t that high so they were looking at my blood and were giving me a Blood reader for me to use for 4 days and then only when I get the funny turns. The feeling is that Ok I have turned my Immune system back on but it may be hitting the good cells as well as the bad. I have had shrinkage so fast as well so they want to investigate.

I said I dont mind but don’t stop the drug. He said he has no intention of that and they can use medication to get things right again.

So I agreed to that.

I mentioned that Phase 2 is coming along but with a chemo and I felt that was a shame. He said that OK you have had a great result but unless everyone does as the trial progresses they can still withdraw the drug.

It has done well with Lung Cancer so he cant see that happen.

If it is with a Chemo the idea is to shrink fast and then be able to operate.

We said by to him and he hadn’t received my blood results.

We went for a drink and a cake. Thats getting to be a ritual now.

Went back ad fell asleep.

Waited and waited and at 12am I was told that my bloods had passed and the drug would be after 2pm.

So boring.

At last at 2.40 I went in for my drug.












This only takes 30 mins and 10 for the flush and its all over.

The Sister phoned the Doctor but he said he hadn’t got my measurements yet of the shrinkage so he could phone or I will get them at the next Drug day,

I had a demonstration of the blood meter and have bought home a box of machine and test strips.

At 4pm we came home. A good journey apart from the fuel was getting low. We went to the first garage at Detling as we came off the M20.

We got home 5.20pm so it was very good going.

The mist was laying on the salt flats, very eerie.







2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Mk3475 I have had so much shrinkage that everyone is so excited now.

  1. More shrinkage? Nice one Mave. It’s just a shame that it has to be such a long day for you and Ray, on each visit. It’s all progress though, eh?

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