Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Phone call To go to St Georges

I had a call yesterday from St Georges Hospital. Could I come tomorrow for a blood test. I couldnt believe it as I had no idea I was even in for going to London.

We were exhausted after the long day at The Marsden on Monday and the great news we had really takes it out of you. I said Oh please can a blood test not be done at my local hospital. This is a special hormone test though as we want to find why you have dizzy spells.

I said it only happened twice.

She said that the drug could be causing a hormonal problem.

She said she will talk to the nurses and try and get another appointment for me.

I phoned my Greek God Doctor and he was amazed as the letter for an appointment was still sitting on his desk. He kept saying the NHS doesn’t work that quick.

So he said he will ask Maidstone if they can do the blood test.

Now today I get a phone call from St Georges and it has been arranged for Tuesday as it is  with a specialist in hormone disorders, known as an endocrinologist,


Looking this all up it could be my thyroid playing up. Well I have had a bi-op on my thyroid as there is a nodule there.

So we are going to London on Monday and now Monday is in a conference in St Pancrus and St Georges is in Tooting.

I had already got my kitchen in bits as I wanted to clean the cooker. I hate that job but I took my temper out on it and it is now gleaming at me.

A Mesowarrior used her voice yesterday

A Leicestershire woman is backing a new campaign to cut the number of deaths from occupational cancer. Linda Lakin from Birstall was diagnosed with mesothelioma earlier this year. It was caused by being exposed to asbestos when she was in her twenties, and working in a dry cleaners. But for Linda it’s too late, as she’s been telling BBC Radio Leicester’s Bridget Blair Well done Linda

After a break in so many deaths this year A mesowarrior contacted me to say Ann her Mother In law had passed.

Hi Mavis, just wanted to say,I’ve been following your story since learning more about this horrible disease after my mother in law was diagnosed in June,her mesothelioma started they think in the lining if the abdomen and was a complete shock to us all,unfortunately she passed away last weekend,I would just like to say I am so pleased about your results of the shrinkage and may you keep fighting this horrible disease, you are a true inspiration ,lots of love xx

So quick from diagnosis to death Its so very sad and my heart goes to Kelly Webster and her family.

So We say goodnight to another very Brave Mesowarrior  Ann  you will be missed by your loving family as you gain your  angel wings  -Night Night Ann RIP


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