Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Had a test for my Hormones at St Georges Thomas Addison Unit, and people watched

Another day out on the train to Tooting Broadway. What a musical name.

Such a long journey on the train as it might be cheaper than the fast train but it takes hours.

We finally pulled into Victoria and then walked to the underground and had to get a train on the Victoria line changing to the Northern line.

Few we were so glad to arrive just before 11 at St Georges hospital At St George’s Hospital the  endocrinology department is part of the internal medicine, located in the Thomas Addison unit.

As we sat down all of a sudden everyone went quiet and dint move. Just like in a film. -weird then I realised it was the 11th hour on the 11th of the 11th month.

Everything had stopped.

The nurse came out and called me in and said sorry but she would have got me in and then wouldn’t have been able to talk to me.

She explained that The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and secrete adrenaline, aldosterone and cortisol. These hormones maintain salt balance, blood pressure, and help maintain fluid concentrations in the body. Common adrenal disorders include Addisons Disease, Cushings Syndrome, hyperaldosteronism and adrenal tumors.

They are looking at my cortisol and that is the blood test they were doing today.

A cortisol test is done to measure the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood. The cortisol level may show problems with the adrenal glands or pituitary gland. Cortisol is made by the adrenal glands . Cortisol levels go up when the pituitary gland releases another hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).

Cortisol has many functions. It helps the body use sugar (glucose) and fat for energy (metabolism), and it helps the body manage stress. Cortisol levels can be affected by many conditions, such as physical or emotional stress, strenuous activity, infection, or injury.

Normally, cortisol levels rise during the early morning hours and are highest about 7 a.m. They drop very low in the evening and during the early phase of sleep. But if you sleep during the day and are up at night, this pattern may be reversed. If you do not have this daily change (diurnal rhythm) in cortisol levels, you may have overactive adrenal glands. This condition is called Cushing’s syndrome.

The timing of the cortisol test is very important because of the way cortisol levels vary throughout a day. If your doctor thinks you might make too much cortisol, the test will probably be done late in the day. If your doctor thinks you may not be making enough, a test is usually done in the morning.

So blood was drawn off and then a drug put in but I had no ill affects. I then waited fir half an hour and more blood was taken. That was it I could go home. So all that traveling, which ended up as a whole day, as we didnt get in until 3pm.

I cant believe that. Surely we have endocrinology departments in nearer hospitals. I asked the nurse and she said it was because St Geroges backed the Royal Marsden and the trials there. I can see that but Train fares and the fact we had to get a trial to London then 2 tube lines really is naughty when you  are ill.

On top of all that the nurses didn’t even know about Mesothelioma. I had to sit there and educate them. That really annoys as they are working in a very old hospital that they might be surrounded by Asbestos.

Anyway they were lovely and friendly as always in the NHS and we did have a laugh.

When we got home Ray and I were exchanging our people watching skills and its so funny that we saw different people. One thing we did notice is that people are so much friendlier on the tube and train than they used to be. Its not a case of dont look at each other but there are lots of smiles and nods and winks. young people fall over themselves to let us have a seat. Is the world changing at last. Or was it always like it and we just dont take time to see.










There was a man on the train coming home, all dressed up in a suit eating a bag of crisps then a long roll. He will be in line for heart problems in later life.

A younger woman by the side of us ate her roll so quick and then gulped lemon aid down so fast she gave an almighty burp. I laughed and she was so embarrassed. She said her throat really hurt and I said Rub your chest. Another burp helped her problem.

On the underground a young but very big coloured chap got on and I thought, Oh he looks like a drug dealer. He gave us a huge smile. You just never can really sum people up right appearances can be so deceiving.

We were shattered and just chilled out after 2 days train journeys. How do they do it everyday and work I do not know.

Rays Blog He is still happy with all this traveling. I do feel for him as he must be tired out.





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