Living with Mesothelioma-My Diary- Oh dear now I know what a cough can do to us Mesotheelioma patients

Well I have found out what having a chesty cough is like with a damaged lung.

I have been sounding like i smoked 100 fags a day a true smokers cough.

This virus has really pulled me down but on going to bed last night for an early night the coughing really got underway. I could cough out but couldnt breath in again to do the next cough. Phelgm came up and could only go through my nose. My airway was completely blocked.

Gradually it got better for me to be able to breath again. Thia went on all night and I really thought I ought to phone the hospital. I did drop off but then awoke again but I was still here this morning. I have often wondered what it was like to have a damaged lung and a cold -well now I know. Lucky I had a good cough medicine

I try had not to cough and I have rested this morning and had a shower so I feel human again.

So I will carry on resting although I have been involved in a heavy discussion about The Saatchie Bill.

The h lines for hospitals isnt very good this morning

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission have declared a major incident at Colchester Hospital

Still in trouble’

“We’ve had a year, eighteen months of problems at Colchester General Hospital, the former chief executive, chairman and numerous members of the board have all gone, there’s a new team in there and I’m hoping that they will turn it around.

“There’s no criticism here by the way of the front-line medical staff and support staff, the criticism I have is the management historically and I’m just hoping the new management team are going to sort it out, but clearly this is very worrying.”

Elderly patients and dementia sufferers have been ‘restrained unnecessarily’ and given ‘inappropriate sedation’ at a hospital where health watchdog inspectors have declared a major incident, it has emerged.

A ward at Colchester Hospital, in Essex, has now been closed to new admissions after inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found it was struggling with “unprecedented demand”, with patients being urged to got to it’s A&E department only if they have a serious or life-threatening condition.

But it is understood that serious concerns were also raised by CQC staff about the inappropriate restraint, sedation and inappropriate resuscitation of elderly people, some of whom were suffering from dementia.

And a very sad case

A grieving widow has slammed a hospital after her husband died in a store room because of a lack of beds.

Beryl Matthews, 66, was furious when cancer sufferer Tony was moved into the cramped room, which has no windows.

She says the retired builder was forced to choose between a “glaring fluorescent light” or darkness as he lay dying of mesothelioma.

When Beryl asked nurses for an extra pillow she was told there were none available.

The grandmother-of-three said: “I was told they hadn’t got enough beds and so they had to convert store cupboards to make another bedroom.

They really have got to sort out our over crowded hospitals it cant go on this way. A&E must mean just that EMERGENCY ONLY. We have to build up walk in clinics to take the pressure.

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