Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- MK3475 drug day at the Royal Marsden

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It was a very sleepy Mavis that got out of bed 4.30 this morning. This is getting harder as the winter goes on. Dark mornings and going to the Marsden is getting harder.

I have to tell myself that that is why Im still alive I have to make sacrifices and giving up my warm bed so early is one of them.

Ray walked Louis up a dark lane that is still a bit flooded.

We have had so much rain that everywhere is so dripping wet.

Anyway off on the motorways and in with all the other traffic we sped. M2, M20, M26 and M25 we sailed through and got there at 8am.

I was called in early but then Sister said oh sorry I forgot I have to go to a new trial meeting so she left me in the capable hands of a young nurse who weighed me blood pressure and urine test.

Bloods taken meant I could go back to the waiting room and wait for the Doctor.

A new Doc put his head round and called me. Im getting used to the rota the Doctors do so as to all be able to study each patient.

We talked about my cough and he prescribed Carbocisteine tablets

Mucolytic medicines, such as carbocisteine, can be helpful for people with a long-term respiratory disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Carbocisteine works by making mucus (phlegm) less thick and sticky, and therefore easier to cough up. It may also have a knock-on effect of making it harder for bacteria to cause chest infections.

It needs to be taken regularly, and is most likely to help if you have moderate or severe COPD and have frequent or bad flare-ups.

Im so grateful for these as I have taken 2 so far and they have really drained the Mucus that not only has given me a bad time with the virus but also with the Mucus a Meso patient has due to a bad lung.

He also chatted about St Georges and that the Hormone test result wasn’t back yet.

He also discussed the last  scan and to be honest I don’t quiet understand. He said that shrinkage now that it is over 50% as long as the trend continues on its present coarse of reduction. They dont need to measure –hmm I don’t see that. I like to know the measurements. Or is it that it is now on its way to nothing. Wouldn’t that be brill.

Next scan is January 2nd.

He gave me the best physical examination of all the doctors. A very thorough young man, lots of banging of my chest and listening as I breathed in and out. My chest is clear of any virus infecting it.

Then he listened to my tummy through the stethoscope. I laughed and said “oh don’t please I have the loudest tummy.” He laughed and said the sign of a healthy gut.

So that was it we had to wait for the bloods result and then the drug is made. This is the boring part. We had coffee and a cake read the paper and a magazine.

Ray went to sleep.

I people watched and chatted to other patients.

Finally at 1.30pm I was called in to have my wonder drug.

First they had to draw of the 3 phials of blood for my DNA trial that done 30 mins of being fed my wonder drug through my PICC line and then a 5 min flush. It was over.

Im all topped up again and my Miracle drug is in my veins –I love it MK 3475 do your work.

We love it when we leave through the doors out into the fresh air.

The journey home was no problem only that we drove into rain after we had watched a sunny day through the windows.

I came home to the sad news that we had lost a lovely Mesowarrior










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