Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Saatchie Bill is on the move in House of Commons again. Letter from my MP

Been a busy day today getting ready for a trip to Plymouth for a party Saturday night.

Clothes all ironed and packed so they will get screwed up in the case.

We wrapped all the Christmas parcels that have to go in the post so they can go to the post office tomorrow.

Got pressies to take with us to our Sons so he can put them under the tree. We are so ahead I hope this continues.

Doctor from The Royal Marsden phoned and asked if I heard from St Georges and did I know my result of the Hormone test.

I told him I haven’t so he said he would chase it.

Report stage for the Medical Innovation Bill is set for December 12th 2014.
I wish them luck I want to see the Bill through. It is Essential for Terminal Patients and to forward innovation for rarer cancers and other illnesses.
Great Letter from my MP Julian Brazier
So pleased he answered my email
I know through my Doctors how hard everyone is working to get things moving forward all the time.
So a political day today as well.

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