Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Plymouth and Kierans 18th Birthday Party (Debbie Brewers Son )

It was a special weekend in front of us as we had an invitation to Plymouth to a special 18th birthday. Kieran (Debbies Son ) It was something I just had to attend as Debbie was so proud of her son and we had promised her we would see him on the birthday where he would now be a man.

I had always told Debs that she would be there to see it but of coarse I was so wrong. There is no cure for this disease and we all fall under the finishing line at some point.

Sp here I was going to Plymouth on the train after dropping Louis off at my sons. Lovely people at Slough station that were so happy and helpful then at Reading we couldnt find anyone and couldnt understand the time table and no one about in a huge Station. I ended up going down the escalator and no Ray behind me then he appeared at the top shouting at me to come back.

We finally got on a train and hour late.

Arriving at Plymouth after a long journey. (we saw the part that runs right along the sea front and that the sea had smashed down last winter)

The sea was rough as we came through but lucky not that rough.

My friend Angela was in the station and she was waiting for Kieran to meet us so we went ahead to the hotel and they joined us in our room.

We went out for a meal

Next morning we got up and went

for a walk around Plymouth.

We had a meal out

We had a meal out

Saw the wedding cars in the garage

Saw the wedding cars in the garage




























Kieren said –I forgot to say I’m going to see Mrs Brown live at the o2 in London next summer!! I’m so excited, thanks to everyone who came together and did this, you’re all the best!

We had all clubbed together to pay for 2 tickets for Mrs Brown at the O2 and  hotel room so he can take a friend

It was soon all over and we got the taxi back to the Hotel. But I was there and fulfilled a promise to my friend debbie.

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