Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Local Lyons presented me with a Cheque for Mesothelioma UK at a Fashion Show

I had a great time last night at a fashion show at our local Church Centre .




























We arrived very early to set up my Asbestos Awareness stall as it was surprising how much info I have collated together.

I had our Calender and my book and lots of pamphlets like Take Five etc etc

We had been invited to receive a £1000 Cheque for Mesothelioma UK as the local Lyons raise money through boot fairs and other events for charities, and from the amount of people that came to my stall and spoke to me they knew all the dangers of Asbestos.

Younger people hadnt realised it was still a danger so I focused on Asbestos in School and although I hadnt prepared a speech, I did talk about young school children being in danger.

I pushed that all parents should ask to see the Asbestos Register.

A lady came to me afterwards and took loads of pamphlets to pass to her family and to question me about schools. She is going to do her own fighting on the subject she said. I said to Ray if we reach just one person I will be happy but we seemed to reach the whole room.

A Mesowarrior did come along so we met for the first time after talking so much on Face Book it was lovely to meet her and her Dad. Her Mother, who has Meso didnt come as she is going to her first Chemo today so I know how worried she is but at least I have shown the family that you do get through Chemo and come out the other side to enjoy life again.















And so the show started and I was at the end of the runway.











Lovely clothes and lovely models but one stood out.


She was an ex dancer at the Windmill in London and she stole the show as she danced.























She really was such fun to watch.














Local men even took part and they looked real dapper in some really good clothes.







It was just a brilliant night and the money raised was for

safe_image (1)

David and Jo were there to receive the cheque.

So wonderful the work the Lyons do I hadnt realised just how much x

Welcome to Whitstable & Herne Bay Lions Club. We are a charity formed in 1971 to help the community & part of the 105SE District. We are part of a larger family that covers the world, helping those that need it. We raise money by doing events within the local community and 85% of all the money we raise goes to help that community. The other 15% goes to help worldwide, such as the earthquake in Haiti or the Tsunami of 2004 where we provide local community with two replacement fishing boats.

The aim of the Lions is to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We are part of Lions Club International, the largest service organisation in the world with 1.4 million members in 46,000 clubs in 202 different countries. We are a huge family dedicated to ensure that every penny dropped into the collection bucket is used to help those in need.






I had an email to clarify that Hospices are free to us and do not charge so I repeat it here so as to clear up my confusion

Thanks for passing your email address to Diane so I could contact you.
I am the solicitor who did the very brief talk on hospice fees and I just wanted to clarify matters for you.
Naturally, it was difficult to fit a complex subject into a five minute slot but it was felt that the issue was an important one to be included at the conference.
I read your very good blog and I notice you have mentioned about hospice fees.
The care provided by hospices is as you rightly pointed out, free to the hospice user.  
There is never any charge made by the hospice to the user, their family or their estate.
Hospices are usually funded partly by NHS contributions and partly by charitable donations.
English law recognises in mesothelioma cases that care and assistance provided free of charge by family members and friends, to the person with the illness, can be compensated by working out what it would have cost to do that help using a commercial care agency.
Therefore, we can recover damages for the care family have provided despite the fact no charge is ever made.
The case I mentioned extends this idea by allowing the Claimant, on behalf of the hospice, to claim some of the cost of the hospice’s services as an additional part of the Claimant’s claim despite the fact the hospice would never charge the Claimant, family or their estate for it’s services.
Accordingly, the Defendant pays for the Claimants needs!
The hospice is therefore able to claim back from the Defendant the cost of the care done by reference to how much of their income is based on charitable donations to give them additional fund to provide services.
The Claimant, nor their family or estate are ever at risk of paying anything at any stage as the hospices do not charge for what they do.
I hope this helps, do email or telephone me if I can clarify further.
With very best wishes to you,




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