Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Black Friday Mayhem. A wonderful Programe showing The Cancer Fight with Immunotherapy

Black Friday went with a very Black day. How can people behave like that. Scrabbling to get a bargain I couldnt be bothered. Mind you I did take advantage of it on line and bought from Sports Direct.

But you can do that any day.

Police at Cardiff Tesco store

Scenes like this should not have happened.

We had a quiet day here but we did walk up to the post office to post parcels abroad (what a fortune that was) It was nice and sunny and mild but I got tired and needed Rays arm so I kept steady. I walk like Im drunk when Im tired. I need the exercise though.

I have coughed all night and must admit Im not happy as this cough has lasted so long. Coughing is a side effect of the drug so I hope I havent turned that on. I go to Marsden Tuesday so we will see what happens when the Doc examines me.

No Im up Im as quiet as a mouse, no coughing at all.

I have come up with a great Link that explains Immunotherapy so well.

Each patient’s population of tumor cells mutates over
time, which may result in resistance to traditional
anticancer therapies1

When a tumor cell is killed, additional antigens are released, stimulating activation of new populations of
T cells and B cells that recognize tumor antigens1,2,4,5

This can result in an expanding cascade of immune cells that is able to recognize cancer cells bearing a variety of tumor antigens as the tumor mutates over time3-6

Some activated immune cells become  memory cells, which remain primed to stimulate an anticancer immune response when tumor cells bearing target antigens are encountered within
the body

Much like infectious agents, tumor cells express specific antigens that differentiate them from normal cells1:

  • T cells can recognize and destroy cells displaying tumor antigens1
  • B cells drive the production of antibodies directed against tumor antigens1,2

T cell infiltration within tumors is associated with overall survival (OS)
in patients with different cancers

Cancers inhibit the normal immune response through a variety of mechanisms, enabling malignant cells to grow and spread. Patients with a compromised immune system may have an increased incidence of cancer and are more likely to develop malignant tumors.

There is a dynamic relationship between a patient’s immune system and tumor cells. Normally, the immune system is capable of eliminating tumor cells.

However, the more compromised or suppressed a patient’s immune system is, the more likely it
is that tumor cells will use evasive techniques to avoid the immune system.

If you are interested in this wonderful way of hitting our Cancer please watch each video on the links on each page. I really do feel this is the right way to go and from this they will work out a cure.

Im so so proud to be playing a part in this. Even if it doesnt cure mine I have help in their studies as they look at my DNA


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