Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Christmas Lights are Switching on in UK –Asbestos found in Bootleg Cigarettes

Well we are getting nearer to Christmas and the lights are being turned on in towns around the country.

Caistor Christmas Tree lights 2015









The Caistor Lights today

This Photo was taken by a Face Book friend and I said it looks like a painting rather that a photo but would make a great Christmas Card

I have to keep the momentum up and prepare for Christmas. Cards to write and some more pressies to post.

We have one more rally to go to this weekend which is the Christmas Party for the Caravan and Camping Club at Faversham.

Love meeting my Camping friends that we have camped with all year. I do hope we can do more in 2015 than we have done this year.

Im getting stronger and stronger so I plan on a good year, so great to be able to look forward to a future. My wonder drug is helping me to gain confidence in having a future.

We had a quieter Saturday Just relaxing and then watching Strictly and X Factor.

Thsn I lost my U and most importantly my A from the keyboard. I couldnt type on face book as it looked like I was making so many spelling mistakes.

I went to be to watch telly.

I did have a better nights sleep just waking twice to cough. We had been and bought Robitussin and that did work so well.

The Mucus that I have always had the problem with since starting Meso is clearing off now.

the chest feels so free now.

Very sad to read —

Over three days in August this year, illegal tobacco products were bought from 49 shops, pubs and minicab offices across the city. They included fake versions of well-known brands of cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco and illegal black market brands – including the notorious Russian-made Jin Ling, which is banned in the UK.

Earlier this year Trading Standards chiefs warned people to avoid buying Jin Ling after the cigarettes were found to contain deadly asbestos.

Packs of Jin Ling were found on sale at a Belfast car wash, while the survey also found the illegal brands Gold Mount, Golden SeagiieS, Kingdom, MGs, Palace, Don, VB and Airlife could all be bought in Belfast for between £3.50 and £4 a packet.

The burn faster than an legal cigarette. Asbestos is creeping in through the back door so we must be vigilant

There is no cure for Mesothelioma.

A patients story

Rays Blog

meso xmas


One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Christmas Lights are Switching on in UK –Asbestos found in Bootleg Cigarettes

  1. Thanks for posting the great link on immunotherapy. Best expanation I have seen and really helpful to both of us.
    We will all be able to do a biology degree soon.
    Have a lovely Sunday and gald to hear you are getting stronger

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