Living With Mesothelioma. My Diary. Ready for Christmas We made another Year my friends. Thinking of those tonight that have left us in 2014

meso xmas










All the hard work is down now. All the shopping in and presents wrapped.

Cards from so many friends on the shelves. So many cards are missing this year as more family and friends have passed to heaven.

But I have kept busy. Steaming all the carpets this morning and making sure everything is clean and shining for Christmas.

We did g to Tesco and it wasnt as mad as I thought as I dashed around and Ray took Louis for a walk.

There were you people packing for Charity so I put money in the bucket, but I forgot the dogs chews so I dumped my shopping in the car and went back to shop and that was more money for the bucket.

It was noisy so I was glad to get out and back to the car again.

I have been having a sad think of 2014

So many Mesowarriors have gone Im always thinking of them. Also the ones that are having a bad time of it and those in Trials

Jan Eagerton who was waiting for Immunotherapy to arrive in the UK and it came to late for her miss our chats and being told to rest xxx

Tess Oh Tess xxxx

My dear dear friend I miss our chats and walking on the seafront, and lunching with your lovely husband Alan. Alan worshiped you.

A heavenly message to all the Mesowarriors that we have lost 2014 so many and  I miss them all.

We fight for Awareness and will carry on fighting in your name.

We have so many Mesowarriors in Trials but we are still here and have got through 2014 and will walk together in 2015.

Jimmy who is a fighting Warrior on a trial at St Barts  Good Luck xxx


Richard who is in a trial at St Barts Good Luck to you as well














Steve who has been very ill as he now has radiotherapy  but I hope he manages a good Christmas














Jim who is really doing it rough but he has seen his daughter marry and was able to walk her up the aisle in his red shoes. –I love you and your music Jim xxx

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