Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- So this was Christmas.

We have had a really super Christmas. Everyone is dumbfounded that Im still here and really looking so well and my body is recovering from the traumas of Chemo from last Christmas as well.

Spent with the family the presents have been flowing between us.

The funniest being Terry adores lambs and goes to a farm every year for the lambing so my whole theme was Sheep.

One for the garden.

Product Details

It was great watching him open them up and laughing.

Our main present was one we all shared and that was to go to Disney on Ice at the 02 for Boxing day.


It was so great if a little chilly.

We had traveled in the rain through the streets of London that were packed with late shoppers. Dont they ever go home although I suppose tourists and Audiences for the London shows were also trying to get through. We got wet walking from the car park to the dome.

It was great to see all the children gathered to see their Walt Disney characters.















































The crowds there had a great time.

We then went to the Brazil Restaurant and had an unusual meal. One of those eat as much as you like. Phewww !!!

Meats that come to the table to be calved.

Hot dishes


Cold dishes.

So many to choose from.

We went home very full indeed.

We traveled home today and the M25 was one long car park. We weren’t so bad as those on the west traveling side.



















Goodness knows when the other side got to their destination.

That queue was from the M4-M3-A3-A23 A22 A26 and right around to the Dartford Crossing.

Then there was chaos on the railway as the station reworks have taken to long. Anyone that stayed in doors was doing the right thing.

So pleased we were taking our Grandson to Maidstone instead of letting him travel by train. He would never have got there otherwise.

So we have had a wonderful Christmas. Some wonderful presents. Dragon flies and butterflies have been the theme this year along with home made fudge and sweets–Thank you all those that have sent me presents I have enjoyed opening everyone. Even Louis got balls that light up when thrown and a flashing collar that he loves wearing as he is afraid of the dark.

Now its back to the reality of going to the Marsden on Tuesday and getting my drug that I hope sees me through to enjoying next year’s Christmas.

Though of coarse there is one last thing and thats to enjoy New Year.






One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- So this was Christmas.

  1. Wonderful Mavis… I can not wait to come to London and see you and spend time in a country that I know I will cry at everything that I see out of pure joy. You are an angel and a great inspiration… Love you diary!! Love Tina…

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