Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- MK 3475 Drug Day At the Royal Marsden

Its been a busy few days since returning home from Christmas Holiday.

I have this urge to clean the house again as my strength returns. So Ray and I have been working together. he has put a new blind up in the kitchen and a bathroom cabinet up to hide all my soap and things.

Varese Single Door Mirror Cabinet: Image 1

All the cleaning done we are happy again

Frosty Morning Air 2 by welshdragon

‘Twas a cold and frosty morning
Just as sun was rising
I saw my true love
Waiting there for me

Royal Marsden day today. Drug day ahead. We couldn’t sleep and yet the alarm had to wake me up.

I couldn’t believe the frost this morning at 5am. So very white and thick. Everywhere was covered a very white world as we went down to the car. Ray and I worked together to get all the ice off. It was so dark that as we set off it was hard to see the black ice on the lane. We made it safe to the Motorway where they had salted, so we traveled safely.

There wasn’t any traffic and we got there in 1.5hours. That was wonderful.

After booking in I was told that I wasn’t down for treatment as they had added it to Fridays Scan Appointment.

Errr no I wasn’t told that. Oh no please don’t send me home. They pulled all the stops out and fitted me in for a scan and the pharmacist said they could make they drug up Oh thank goodness. I didn’t care how long I waited as it freed us from coming back on Friday.

The scan was done in fast time as well. The lady doing the scan said they had all heard of my results as well, I said I wanted to see it 60% this time. So we shall have to see.

I went back to the ward and my bloods were taken. When they were done the doctor had me in and said my Kidney was playing up. I must drink 2 litres at least per day of water. NO NOT COFFEE ha ha !!!

I don’t drink enough water. I hate water. But I will sneak some orange into it. I will also drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberries have been recognised for centuries for helping maintain urinary tract health. Cranberry has a strong natural antibiotic effect on the urinary tract.

The Doctor said as I have only one kidney I must keep it healthy.

So we sat in the waiting room it was 10.30am.

Our Son and DIL came and took Ray out for lunch in Sutton. I just read magazines and waited. The canteen was on skeleton staff as it is still Christmas week but I didn’t want to go there as I didn’t want to miss my drug.

They came back and we chatted for a while and the family left so we were alone again. At last at 3.15 the drug was ready.











Into my veins to do its wonderful work.

So we were free to travel home. We had driven there in the dark and we had driven back in the dark.

But tomorrow is New Years Eve —2015 is on its way I hope the results of my Trial are published soon.

Merck has also signed agreements with rivals Pfizer, Amgen and Incyte to test MK-3475 in combination with other oncology drugs across a variety of cancers. and the results are doing so well.

Pembrolizumab (Trade name Keytruda formerly lambrolizumab; also known as MK-3475) is a drug marketed by Merck that targets the programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) receptor. The drug is intended for use in treating metastatic melanoma. Pembrolizumab was invented by Gregory Carven, Hans van Eenennaam and John Dulos at Organon Biosciences which later became Schering Plough Research Institute and then Merck & Co.

On September 4, 2014 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Pembrolizumab as a breakthrough therapy. It is approved for use following treatment with ipilimumab, or after treatment with ipilimumab and a BRAF inhibitor in patients who carry a BRAF mutation.

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