Living With Mesothelioma – My diary – Lou is in Scanexity like me.

The weather is so overcast and boring all I want to do is stay in and work in the den sorting the groups on Facebook.

Everything is set up now and we have a Global Pin Board, as I call it where we can pin info and articals on a noticeboard to share around the world.

We are all admin to it, so although Bernie Banton Foundation raised the site no one owns it and I have freedom to share around the world.

We should emphasis that only member organisations or groups can freely post on it without moderation. each site is specific for a purpose, not clogged up with general asbestos or meso news,

One for Asbestos and one for Mesothlioma. It is working well but at a very early stage.

The plans for our Mesowarrior meet up in London in July is going well and anyone can join us. This is to have fun only, no conferences just fun fun fun.

Cant wait for a huge laugh.

Our Australia Lou has shocked us how ill she is.

She has been arranging her end of life. She says On New Year’s Eve I had an hour appointment with my local GP Rod Guy at my request to discuss end of life arrangements/palliative care in the home and also why he is the only doctor out of 13 in the clinic who know anything about mesothelioma.

We in the UK do this at the start as we are questioned early so its all done and stored away in a draw until we say we are ready for it to happen.

Also she says — Palliative care assessment today at home with Keith, Charlie, myself and the nurse. —All for peace of mind bless her.

She is a 12 year survivor so that is double what I have done. We do accept our plight with calm as she describes so well.

I feel her scanexity is getting to her and she will get her results tomorrow as she doesnt have to wait as long as we do in UK. I wont get mine for another week but my scan isnt my problem its now my kidney.But we do keep calm and keep positive.

I took up a challenge yesterday—

Lou put her photo on FaceBook

Jeff Crowe of Make Burnie free of ASBESTOS . Challenged us to all do our own placard. I didnt know what to do and then i remembered my Xray.

So my Hate of asbestos was noted.

eating lung









I cant believe how many have liked and shared it so I love it that it will raise awareness. Mr Nasty is being put to work.

I hope others come up with a picture and we can bring the hate of Asbestos to the world.

Jeff Crowe Fights for Burnie to be Asbestos free he writes on facebook— I read with interest the article in Advocate , April 30 regarding removal of asbestos from Kings Meadows High School .It was reported that all 650 students would stay home because of fears that dust from cement sheeting may contain asbestos . How the concerns of asbestos have changed over the years. Being employed by the Education Department as a member of its construction workforce , I was working at the Burnie High School in 1977 – 1979 on the upgrading and tiling of the school corridors . Part of the work required all doors be planed so as to allow the doors to close on the new tiles .The tradesman who planed the fire doors was not warned or aware the white dust that was disturbed in the doors and covered the whole corridors in a fine white dust was the deadly asbestos . As work was being undertaken students and teachers moved freely from class period , unaware the dust was asbestos . People today know the dangers of asbestos . Sadly , for the students and teachers unaware of its life threatening dangers it may have come to late . If you know any person who worked or attended Burnie High School in 1977 – 1979 please urge them to seek medical advice This article was sent by me and published in the Burnie Advocate newspaper in 1992 . Sadly a workmate who worked on the tiling job at Burnie High School died from the deadly asbestos disease . It has now been confirmed that a former girl student has also died from mesothelioma . IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED .

Burnie-Somerset Australia

Oh Boy do we hate asbestos

JEFF Crowe remembers a snowstorm of dust in the corridors of Burnie High School in the mid 1970s.

It was not until much later that he discovered that it was asbestos.

Mr Crowe said he had been a construction worker at the school, contracted by the then Education Department, to upgrade corridors and classrooms.

“Every door had to have the cover strip of the base removed and then planed … they didn’t know the internal fire doors had asbestos in them,” Mr Crowe said.

“It created this white dust and what was happening is that students were moving from class periods and it was like a snowstorm in the corridors. Their footprints put marks on the dust in the floor.”

Mr Crowe has been campaigning for a number of years via Facebook to let people know of their possible exposure to asbestos during 1978.

His requests for assistance from the state government, to find students and teachers who were at the school during those years, have not been met.

Mr Crowe said a workmate of his died from mesothelioma and he had found a student who attended the high school who also died of the devastating cancer.

Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff said he would respond to any individual’s specific inquiry

“The Department of Education takes all necessary steps to manage the presence of any asbestos in Tasmanian government schools and departmental buildings and is committed to ensuring that asbestos continues to be managed in an appropriate manner,” he said.

Asbestos Free Tasmania Foundation president Simon Cocker said Mr Crowe had made a statutory declaration about what was witnessed at Burnie High School during 1977, 1978 and 1979 with regards to asbestos.

Mr Cocker said the state government had an obligation to maintain a register of potential exposure.

“Should people end up with asbestos diseases there would be an existing record of their exposure, making it easier for them if they ever needed to lodge a claim,” Mr Cocker said.

So I must get a lunch and get out for a walk to clear my head and get some exercise. And drink another litre of water Ugh!!

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