Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – More Shrinkage Whoopee !!! And Meet my Prof Bono at The Royal Marsden Magazine

The Royal Marsden Magazine Winter 2014

We set off at 6am in the black morning. Raining hard and chilly I thought we were in for such a bad journey but –we sailed through amongst lines and lines of headlights and tail lights. It is another world to us traveling rush hour in such weather and so so dark.

We arrived and I was seen straight away to have my blood taken as Lorraine (my nurse for today) said that they were going to be so busy because of the backlog from Christmas was catching up.

Bloods taken i went back to the waiting room where ray Zonked out (went to sleep) and the little devil slept all morning.

The doctor finally saw me at 10.40am and she was so pleased that there was more shrinkage. I asked what % and she said that they are not measuring all the tumours now as there are so many so they measured 20 but they are all variable in size. They will do all of them later on.

Sooo Im almost 60% but dont really know. I dont mind as what I want now is nil mm I will be so happy then and have achieved my aim.

She still said I can only talk about me and mustn’t mention other names when I write. I do go by that rule anyway.

I asked was the other cancers doing well and she said yes the results are looking good for some.

I mentioned that I had been told that If I  had to stop the drug the cancer remains at what ever point it is when I stop and she agreed but said some patients that have had side effects have moved to 3 weekly sessions and things are going OK for them that way.

She said (when ray said about snow)that Im at a point where a few days without my drug will be Ok.

I also asked about my Kidney as I have been drinking so much.She showed the graph and I have come out of the red and back to white so she is pleased and signed for the drug to be made up.

We went to the Restaurant and celebrated with a Tea and a Cake .

I went to the shop and bought a Magazine and back we went for the long wait with all the others. They dont seem to to make ours up until after dinner and mine finally came through at 2.20pm but it didnt come to the Ward until 3.10pm.

We had a long chat with other patients and a lady with her daughter was the wife of a GP so she was wanting to know what my cancer was. Mesothelioma –Whats that ha ha !!!! you know what I did next. Yes!! a huge lesson on Asbestos and the cancer it causes.

On the way home I said to Ray I will go to my Dental Engineer now and have new teeth made as Im going to live a long time


The Royal Marsden has taken delivery in the Interventional  Radioligist dept of a MR LINAC STSTEM

The clinical realization of MR-guided radiotherapy could represent the ultimate breakthrough in real-time image guidance – offering soft-tissue-based imaging throughout beam delivery. As such, researchers at the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht in the Netherlands have been working for more than a decade to overcome the not-insubstantial technical obstacles required to integrate an MRI scanner with a linear accelerator. They may finally be about to reap the rewards of their efforts.

Installation begins
 Read the Royal Marsden Magazine I put the Link up top of this page.
Meet my Lovely Professor who held my arm and said “Dont worry we wont kill you –bless him he has kept his word xx and I hope he is proud of me as I havent let him down either
Johann de Bono
  • Date: 30 Sep 2014

Lugano/Madrid, 30 September 2014 – A record number of 19,859 attendees at the ESMO 2014 Congress discussed changes to oncology that will soon have a positive impact on the care of patients around the world.

“We are particularly pleased to see participants from 131 countries at the congress this year,” said ESMO President Rolf Stahel. “Although this is the congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology, it is truly a global congress with growing participation from countries outside Europe, especially the far east.”

A theme of the congress was “precision medicine in cancer care”, said Professor Johann de Bono, from Royal Marsden Hospital and the Insititute of Cancer Research, UK, and Chair of the ESMO 2014 Scientific Committee. “We are increasingly able to target cancer treatments to the important molecular mechanisms that underpin the malignancy. This is what we mean by precision medicine.”

Scientific highlights of ESMO 2014 included trials that will change clinical practice very soon, noted de Bono. “We were excited to hear the results of a number of very important studies that will have a direct impact on the way we treat patients in the clinic, in a range of tumour types including lung cancer, breast cancer, and melanoma,” de Bono said. “An improvement in treatment for cancer anorexia and cachexia, as reported at this congress, is also a much-needed advance.”

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