Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The signs I missed that I had cancer – The third reading for the Medical Innovation Bill will be this Friday 23rd January and a New Trial for Mesothelioma is on its way.

Its been a busy day with two articles needed. It wasn’t hard to do as Ray’s story of life in the Dockyard has really caused interest so I have used his writings as it covers how I got to be ill with mesothelioma. We were looking back on photos and came across ones that at the time I was so proud of. When I retired and moved here to the coast  I joined Weight Watchers. Going regular each week I lost weight so fast. Reaching Goal and getting my gold badge was an achievement. The thing was I carried on loosing weight. the lady that run the classes said I must be under eating and write my food diary.












Finding the photo last night I was so thrilled 10.5 stone at 5ft 9 in. I now can see that Mesothelioma was growing and cancer was taking over my body to show itself 2009.











This one looks even worse —the signs were there if it wasnt for my pride of wanting to be slim.

Since then I have bloated up and the doctors keep saying they love my weight as it give mw a fighting chance and it means the cancer hasn’t got a grip on my body.

Lord Saatchi is back in the House of Lords for The third reading for the Medical Innovation Bill will be this Friday 23rd January.

The BBC talks to Lord Saatchi and MP and doctor Dan Poulter about the Medical Innovation Bill.

From 2013 but a good piece on the Bill.

Lord Saatchi

I dont know how many more times this has to be thrashed out but it has caused a lot of discussion.

Trials are coming through for Mesothelioma and a interesting one fro Verastem —-The Verastem Trial combination trial using the two drugs vs6063 and vs5584′ is going to start 2015 please push if you need a trial and see if you meet the criteria It will be for 60 people US and UK

Please talk to your Oncologist if you are interested as I almost missed out on my trial so we have a chance to get in first with this one.

The study results presented here demonstrated that VS‐5584 inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in SCLC cell lines in vitro and exhibited antitumor activity in SCLC xenograft models in vivo. In addition, VS‐5584 also exhibited synergistic activity with standard‐of‐care agents, cisplatin and etoposide, in SCLC models. VS‐5584 is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with solid tumors, and the preferential targeting of CSCs by VS‐5584 in these preclinical models of SCLC provides the rationale for clinical development of VS‐5584 either as a single agent or in combination with chemotherapeutic agents to potentially extend time to relapse and improve outcome for patients with small cell lung cancer.

Rays Blog



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