Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The IATP Awards Dinner The Saatchi Bill won the making a difference and Kieran Brewer the Meso Warriors Award

It seems a long time since I have sat to write my blog.

We have been away for the weekend to Birmingham to the IATP Award Dinner.

having set off Thursday to leave the dog at my sons we then traveled by train on Friday to Sutton Coldfield. 3 trains latter we arrived at the Belfry

in 2011 the headlines were — World-famous golf course and resort The Belfry has gone back on sale just six years after it was bought for a whopping £186million.

The Belfry’s three magnificent courses have played host to golfing greats such as Tiger Woods and Seve Ballesteros and have been visited by famous fans including George Bush and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The hotel’s new owner is an American investment firm which specialises in travel and leisure business and has a long history of investing in golf resorts. Its purchase of the Belfry, which has hosted more Ryder Cups than any other venue,

The Hotel advertises –As four-time host of the Ryder Cup, The Belfry has always been a byword for world-class golf courses and thrilling moments. Now, following a multi-million refurbishment, our bedrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars and spa more than live up to our velvet-smooth greens.

Old favourite Sam’s has been given a complete refresh and offers a new menu for both members and guests. The Brabazon Bar, at the heart of the hotel, is now the ultimate in elegance – perfect for a pre-dinner drink, informal meeting or a big celebration. And just a short step from here is the luxurious Ryder Grill, with its open theatre kitchen and views across the infamous 10th.

Having spent 25million decorating so it was looking its best.Every bedroom and meeting room, sofa and cushion, has been refurbished – offering a touch of opulence, as well as all the comforts of home.

All the bedrooms were lovely.

Beautiful building: The attractive ivy-covered hotel and resort looks set to make a loss after a reported bid of just £90m







A wonderful bouquet was waiting for my from Yvonne

She is busy organising a very interesting Conference in the Netherlands.

It was great to meet up with our friends as they arrived one by one.

The Mesowarriors are so supportive to one another and its just great to relax with a few.


Angie arrived with her new toy. A selfie stick 🙂

We went to an early dinner as we were all so hungry. Oh dear it was a disaster as Rays steak was so tough and then Christine said she couldn’t eat hers. The management were so sorry and didnt charge. I said it wasn’t the chefs fault but the butchers as you cant spoil a rare steak. The meat has to be good though.

So Ray had a lovely Ice cream to keep him happy.

My meal was fine.






We went to bed after a long chat together.

Next day everyone arrived and we sat around chatting all day.

Dot and a crazy lady came with them xx
Rose joined us and we nattered the day away
Ray was up in the room playing with my new computer that we had bought. It has problems and he sorted them for me.
I had a shower and dressed for the evening.
We all met up and went in to the room together
Dolcie Angie’s lovelydaughter was there
She is studying to be a Doctor and I adore her.
Rose and Dot joined us
m n r
IATP Honoured Lord Saatchi for the work in the Saatchi Bill and Dominic Nutt accepted the Award after a rush from London on a train even though his wife was taken ill.
He arrived just in time. To Accept The Making a Difference Award
Dominic told everyone about the Saatchi Bill and how we still need every ones backing to help get it through the House of Commons.

The Medical Innovation Bill is designed to help medical doctors innovate new treatments and cures safely and responsibly for cancer and other diseases.

Dominic came back very emotional as it was the first Award the Saatchi Bill had received and proved how ordinary people are behind the team.
I explained that Mesothelioma was just the disease that needed the bill. I was no more treatment and there was nothing else the NHS had for me but more Chemo that was working any more.
My Innovation drug MK3475 has been my savior and Im a private patient within the NHS. I want everyone to have my chance. NOW!!!
Kieran Receiving the Meso warriors Award for all he does supporting and amusing the Warriors on Face Book and just coping so well with life without his Mother Debbie who died with the disease.
Go to my face book to hear his speech
Proud Dad xx
The tables looked so lovely –Winter Wonderland
Christine Winters Director of IATP
Ray enjoying the 2 ladies of
AASC are delighted and are extremely privileged to have been nominated as IATP’s (Independent Asbestos Training Providers) chosen charity of the year 2014/15!! This will have a huge impact and we are truly grateful for the support. We look forward to a great year ahead!
Ray enjoying the ladies
So it was soon all over. The meal was divine the wine flowed and the music was far to loud. A great night.
The next day was a night mare. We left by taxi for the station. Freezing cold. The train was going to go as far as Lichfield-2 stops then buses as there was line working.
Angie and Dolcie arrived by car so we decided to get a taxi to Birmingham. The same taxi that had bought us to the station came and the Indian driver said. Its magic how did the other 2 get here.
So we traveled to Birmingham. Together.
saying good bye to the other two we went to get our train. Errr there had been a land slide so we had to get a coach from Lemington Spa to Oxford.

Chiltern Railways said no direct trains could run between London and the West Midlands for “at least a week”.

The landslip occurred near Harbury Tunnel in Warwickshire on Saturday, the scene of a similar incident last year.

Engineers were not able to access the site because the land was still moving, Network Rail said.

A replacement bus service is running between Leamington and Banbury, adding about 90 minutes to journey times.

‘Very unstable'”At no point was there a risk, but in terms of timescale of opening the line there is now 300,000 tonnes of earth and rock which is very unstable and could fall on to the track at any time,” he said. So that was it a long coach journey. The trains were waiting at Oxford for us and we traveled on to Slough where we got a taxi to my sons. I dashed in to the loo and was shattered. My DIL had a wonderful roast waiting for us. Bless her.

We traveled home this morning and the traffic was great thank goodness it was a great journey and we are safely in doors after one of the most weirdest of weekends.

Our big Mesowarrior meet up in July is coming along well. We plan for a picnic in the park in July.

I was asked what a Mesowarrior meant over the weekend so I have come up with ——–
Definition of a mesowarrior .
The concept of the mesowarrior was to create an area where those people who have been Directly touched by the dreaded disease mesothelioma.
Touched by is defined as.
Those diagnosed with the disease.
Those who are Carers of those diagnosed.
Those who have lost a Husband, wife.partner or Parent.
We fight together to Support and just chat on Face Book or emails, phone or meet up’s.

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