Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Meowarriors have signed a letter in the Telegraph to back the Saatchie Bill

I have had a nice day relaxing around and the weather was so nice we drove to B&Q. While Ray was in there I walked Louis for a while but a single car drove into the road where there are factories that are closed for the weekend. Then another couple of cars pulled in. I dont like this as it was looking to be like a drug drop and collect. We have been caught in a dangerous one like this before when parked to watch the sea. Its very intimidating.

So I turned and walk Louis back to our car.

It was lovely walking with the sun on my face, spring is in the air.

I have had a bit of pain this month. Just because It is shrinking it doesn’t mean it doesn’t stop being painful at times. The ribs on the left hand side feel like they have been really hit in a fight, bruised.

I just take more paracetamol. If they work thats all they offer at this stage and they do still work. 2 and a codeine. I didn’t know that codeine was a Morphine based tablet anyway.

I cant wait for the Saatchi Bill to be passed and to help us find a better drug to rid us of this disease.

Lord Saatchi at second reading of Medical Innovation Bill House of Lords

The Sunday Times have today published a letter in support of the Medical Innovation Bill from 100 patients and family who have lost loved ones.

The group, which includes Andrew Lloyd Webber, Melvyn Bragg and the publisher Gail Rebuck, widow of the Labour grandee Philip Gould, today issue a powerful plea for dying patients to be given access to experimental drugs and other treatments.

The Bill has moved recently into the House of Commons, having been passed unanimously by the House of Lords.

Last week senior oncologists wrote to Telegraph this week 100 patients & family write to Times.

The letter this week to the Sunday Times follows a supportive letter last week to the Telegraph from senior oncologists, researchers and patient groups.

→READ: Letter to the Telegraph from senior oncologists, researchers and patient groups.

READ: Letter to the Sunday Times – a powerful plea

We are a group united by grief.

We are the bereaved – widows, widowers, brothers, sisters and parents who have lost loved ones to incurable diseases.

We are the parents fighting for the lives of our children who have cancers and degenerative diseases.

We are the patients dying for an answer to our own illnesses.

We have never met each other. But we share a bond of pain and fear.

And we are united in our support for The Medical Innovation Bill.

Not because we believe that it is the silver bullet.

Not because we think if it is passed that tomorrow there will suddenly be new cures for cancers, for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other killer diseases.

We support the Medical Innovation Bill because it gives us hope – hope that doctors will feel more confident to try novel approaches to killer diseases for which current treatments are known not to work.

We support the Medical Innovation Bill because it offers hope to people yet to face what we have faced.

We support the Medical Innovation Bill because it will inspire doctors to innovate and to collect and share the results of their innovations so that medical science is advanced.

We know it will give doctors confidence and legal clarity to try more and to do more.

The patient’s voice has been drowned out. We have been patronised and told we must leave it to the experts.

But we have watched – and are watching – our families die. Some of us are watching our own bodies die.

Doctors have the medical experience.  But we have the human experience.  Nobody knows more about these fatal diseases than we do.

As the Bill proceeds to The Commons, our voice will be heard.

Then there are the sigigtures of so many Meso Warriors. Im so proud of them for backing the Bill but they know how we need it for the trials to come through early as mesothelioma Patients are Terminal


Another telegraph writer that is so different to the ones I have met is Christopher Booker

I stumbled across an article about him —Oh well done I couldn’t have put it better myself –we had to fight this man when he said White Asbestos wasn’t dangerous

The journalist makes so many errors that you would be forgiven for thinking he did it deliberately to waste everyone’s time

Does Christopher Booker exist? Or is he simply a device invented to waste as much of other people’s time as possible? Might he in fact be a computer programme randomly generating nonsense in order to keep scientists, environmentalists and public health campaigners so busy refuting it that they can’t get on with what they ought to be doing? I ask because it seems almost impossible that one man could make so many superhuman cock-ups.

I know its Oct 2011 But I had missed this and we had fought him over this —–

How many builders have failed to protect themselves from white asbestos during demolitions, as a result of his claims? How many people have burned or vandalised speed cameras after reading his articles? How many people have campaigned against efforts to curtail man-made climate change because of the misinformation he has published?

Thats the part we were so angry with him and made a complaint to the Daily Mail only to told every one has a right to their opinion. Yes I agree but not when it puts people im line for a tragic death when he is long gone.

So there you are we have the Ying and Yang of the Newspaper world today

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