Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Drug Day, MESO Hospital Stone Foundation Laying Ceremony Pakistan- 100% Victory for Newly Diagnosed Mesowarriors

We got up with the alarm at 5am. Well I had been awake on and off all night, its the way it is on Drug Day now. The sky was so bright that there must have been a very bright moon. I kept looking at my watch.

Ray took Louis for a walk as I got ready.

Off we went in the dark.The traffic was very good and we got through in 1.5  hours. I booked and put a pile of magazines in the waiting room. All my Caravan and Camping books. I thought even if men couldnt buy one they would enjoy reading about them and all the places you can travel to.

I had my bloods done early so I waited for the Doctor. I kept falling asleep and I woke up with my head almost on the man next to me. I apologised I said I could feel my head dropping down and down. he laughed and said just enjoy your sleep.

I waited and waited but everyone else was going in before me to the doctor.

Ray went and sorted it my folder wasnt even in the right tray.

I went to see the doctor and everything is ok except the kidney again is dehydrated. I have promised I will drink more, Gosh I will be up all night running down the passage to the bathroom.

Bloods were ok

So we went and had a cake and a coffee and bought a paper and magazine.

When we came back 3 ladies and their partners were chatting about their treatment. I was so jealous. I havent anyone to talk to -Im so lonely on this trial MK3475  now the only person in the UK with Mesothelioma. I miss Alastair.

The Nurses still all come and ask me about how Im getting on with the Drug but I cant say any more than -“no side effects”

Finally my drug came up and I went in and it was all set up and soon going in my vein.

A man and his daughter were in there and he has had his bloods taken and passed. His drug was in a bottle and his daughter tipped a bottle into warm water and her dad drank it. He has a bottle 3 times a day. It amazes me all the different trials that are going on. The main trials are tablet form but so many tubs of them.

Some have to go everyday infact one man drove in and just had one blood test the rest he is coming back tomorrow. So much traveling but that’s the way it is nowadays. As I said to the man with his daughter in the lift “A long day but we are still alive. ” We are so so grateful to our Royal Marsden.

We have been so good in banning Asbestos you would think they could now come forward with a special hospital for Mesothelioma. They say it is still rare. But must admit Our Uni Hospitals do have good treatment and trials and we have some wonderful Profs dedicated to Mesothelioma. I cant fault my treatmentSo I have found it wonderful that Pakistan has shown the world the way. The photo shows

MESO Hospital Stone Foundation Laying Ceremony at Movenpick Hotel
Lt. Gen. S. P. Shahid, Sardar Yasin Malik, S.M.Muneer, H.E. Ishtiaq Baig (Consul General of Morocco) H.E. Emil Wyss (Consul General of Switzerland — with Syed Mezab Ahmed. It will condense all the knowledge, trials and  treatment into one hospital. I find that fascinating. We are building a Cancer hospital by St Pancreas but to have a Mesothelioma hospital is a brilliant idea.



When I got in the phone rang. A lady from KFM in Medway asked if I knew the news today. No I said I have been in the hospital. She explained that —The other wonderful news is that Tracey Crouch has had a great victory in Parliament today and won the 100% compensation

Today the Government has announced that it is making changes to the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme 2014 which is designed to help those sufferers, who have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace and cannot trace their employer’s liability insurance, receive the compensation they deserve.

Under the current scheme, payments to sufferers are based on 80% of average civil damages. However, after reviewing the scheme, the Government has today decided to increase payments in line with 100% of average civil damages for those diagnosed with the mesothelioma from this day forward.

Having led calls in Parliament during debates on the Mesothelioma Act 2014 for sufferers to receive the maximum possible in terms of compensation, Tracey welcomed this announcement:

“Medway is a hot-spot for mesothelioma and I am delighted that after many months and meetings with Ministers, the Government has decided to ensure future claimants and their families receive full compensation, which is exactly what they deserve”.

For more information on the Government’s announcement and Tracey’s work on mesothelioma, please visit:

So I have agreed to do an interview tomorrow at 10am.

Rays Blog

Our marsden trip today was a good one. The journey  up was very good the usual stop start 2 hour journey  on M25 today took just over 1&  1/2 hours. Bloods all done at 8.30 OK so far. Now we wait  to see the doctor. I dropped off  waiting. By 11 am no doctor. So  in my capacity as “Carer” I went  in the ward and asked whats going on we are still waiting.  It turns out mavis had been overlooked,because the sister that took maves bloods forgot to return the folder for acceptance ready for the doctor. We were then quickly rushed in  to see her. We thought now  with this 3 hour delay we will be home about 6 pm. But the drug arrived early and with a  good journey home we got back at a tad over 4.30. With no problems recorded  all in all  not such a bad day after all.







One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Drug Day, MESO Hospital Stone Foundation Laying Ceremony Pakistan- 100% Victory for Newly Diagnosed Mesowarriors

  1. Dave’s week off but he is so drained of energy sods law as we are trying to pack to move and re-do new residence but hey ho it will all get done glad all going well with you love as always rotou both xxx p&d

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