Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A Radio Interview and a News paper article –busy busy busy !!

It has been a very busy day. Sorting a Aussie friend out this morning to see the way clear. We all come to cross roads and we have to see the right path. I hope he has seen things clearly and can travel onwards.


I had the local Radio phone up for my views on the 100% won on the Mesothelioma Bill.

Chris Knighton had a nice piece in her local Paper.

Asbestos widow Chris Knighton has welcomed new rules for asbestos compensation.

The government has announced that asbestos-related cancer suffers are to receive up to £54,000 extra in compensation.

Under new rules for the government’s Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme, compensation will rise to match 100 per cent of average civil claims, up from the current 80 per cent, which could mean an increase of up to £54,000 a person, according to Ministers.

The change has been welcomed by Chris, who has dedicated her life to campaigning to help those affected by the deadly condition since her husband Mick died from the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma in 2001.

A good report on Kent on Line

Victims of mesothelioma, a cancer often linked to asbestos, who have been unable to get compensation because they cannot trace their insurer, can now make a fresh 100% claim.
The major breakthrough in the fight to get damages is a major victory for Chatham MP Tracey Crouch who has fought tirelessly for sufferers across Medway to get full entitlement.
Initially, ministers approved plans to set up a fund for a 75% handout, amounting to an average of £115,000.


Due to pressure from staunch campaigner Miss Crouch, this was increased to 80% and in a written statement from the Department of Work and Pensions today, this has now risen to 100%.
Miss Crouch said: “This has been a hard fought battle but from now on people diagnosed with mesothelioma across the Medway Towns, a hot spot for this fatal cancer, who are unable to trace their insurer will get full compensation from the government scheme, instead of the 80% originally agreed.
“It is quite right that victims, who simply turned up to work in the historic shipbuilding and heavy industries in our area will get paid what they deserve.”

Tracey Crouch, MP for Chatham and Aylesford

The disease is often associated with work that went on at Chatham Dockyard, in particular the nuclear submarine refit unit, before it closed in 1984. There was also a large asbestos processing operation at British Uralite in Higham.
Miss Crouch said: “While I recognise that there are still outstanding issues in the area of debate, I am relieved that the government has listened to my calls for full compensation and future claimants will get exactly that. “
Mr Mark Harper, minister for disabled people, said in his statement: “This change reflects our on-going commitment to sufferers of this disease and their families.”

Then my local radio phoned me up again and wanted to do another write up in our weekly rag. So that was a longer interview and she is going to get in touch with the Royal Marsden as she wants to know more about my trial and to be honest I would rather they told her as I don’t know how far I can report about the trial yet. I said also to talk to Prof Fennel as he knows me and my case. She said Everyone knows you Mavis —Oh dear !!!

I broke off for lunch and snoozed for a while and didn’t even know Ray had taken Louis for a walk. came back to my computer and there was a Request from Saatchi Bill.

We need your help they said.

Right now we need to ensure the Lib Dems know that patients up and down the country want this Bill.

If they don’t agree to allow debating time the Bill is dead.

Nick Clegg is on LBC tomorrow at 9am so lets ask him.

1/ Click this link and submit a question: ‘What are you going to do to support the Medical Innovation Bill?’

2/ Email Nick Clegg at LBC and ask him: ‘What are you going to do to support the Medical Innovation Bill?’

3/Leave a message on the LBC Facebook: tell them: ‘I want to ask what Nick Clegg is going to do to support the Medical Innovation Bill?

Please share widely.

We need your help

Thank you!

So within a few minutes I had posted, tweeted  around the world. The power of Social Media and of coarse the mesowarriors.

It has been a busy day and i havent done any of the things I wanted to — Tomorrows another day xx rays Blog






One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A Radio Interview and a News paper article –busy busy busy !!

  1. my question is, why do you have to prove were you got asbestos from, when you have it, my brother died of meso and after 3 years the solicators acting informed me, as we cant find were he got it from, case is closed, so why in 3 years did they never mention that, also as his sister I couldn’t claim, but if I found were he got it now the case would reopen as its laid on file for 6 years, it seems to me a hog wash by them from day one, take the case on, but didn’t tell me all that, even when we spoke regular visited my home my work details as well as my late brothers history, also one nurse who came said o its a bit of meso, to her I asked her go away and don’t come again, in that 7 month he was alive and fading fast the only help I had was 2 district nurses who shown me how to use his medication then oxygen etc, other wise id have been totally alone in a world id never known, but since iv learned so much since then its not a unknown world its a hidden one what should have been exposed decades decades ago, like a lot of diseases, whats just pushed to the side as a lepor would be, shame on them what have repeatedly covered it and other diseases up, till its to late then the urgency creeps in, ok but for those what have lost there lives and those that will, it needs to stop now and just get on with it, cut red tape and go full ahead wipe it out once and for all, not keep going round the tables chatting , time is what ill people have not got, and once that as sunk in the heads of the powers what be then only then can we see action at a high level and save human lives from more suffering and belive you me a meso person suffers so much, to understand that you have to have seen it or been in contact with a meso person who is a human being first and foremost , dad, mam, sister, brother, niece, nephew, uncle, aunti, cousins, or a neighbour or anyone who as had the horrible misfortune of asbestos, talk is cheap really, let your actions now speak out and get rid as fast as possible and give funding to it and the bereaved ,

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