Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Foot Prints in the Sand

I put this on face Book Last Night

To my Meswarrior friends this is for you as I feel so deflated tonight. We fight and fight for that cure and its just beyond our grasp. We have shown the world what Asbestos can do to a person as we have lived the life with the fibers inside us so I hope my foot prints will be seen and wont be washed away with the tide and people will remember the fight we fought

Its not about feeling better its about how to regroup and what path to take, how to bring more awareness to the Mesothelioma that rages in our bodies. Im a person that cant wait and I cant wait for that cure. I know we Meswarriors dont know how long we have (nobody knows that answer) but what to do with my time that I have left. Gosh why were we given this fight. Today I will find some answers I want to leave those footprints in the sand xx

One Of my thinking times. Thoughts come and go and I know Im trying to hard to make myself understood.

If I could have my way I would march up to No 10 and say Lets have the Saatchi Bill lets fast track every drug and lets find the right one for Mesothelioma.

My second wish would be to go to get all the leaders around the world in one room and say ban asbestos from our lives.

My Third Wish is to stop the need for having to raise Charity as Im shocked just how much Charity money it takes to run everything from Hospitals, Equipment, Research, Education, Training the list is endless and I I thank each and everyone of these wonderful people that give their time and energy working for free and yet raising so much money.

That of coarse is a pipe dream as it has gone to far and really we cant solve it, as it is in to many places.

The world is doomed where asbestos is concerned. Reading this it brings home how the problem is so huge.

This is how we should be suited up all the time.

Building materials containing asbestos were widely used from 1930 to around 1980, particularly from the 1960s onwards. So houses and flats built or refurbished at this time may contain asbestos materials.

Asbestos has also been used in some heat-resistant household products, such as oven gloves and ironing boards.

The use of asbestos in these products decreased greatly around the mid-1980s, and since 1993 the use of asbestos in most products has been banned.

It is not always easy to tell whether a product contains asbestos as modern asbestos-free materials often look similar – remember it is usually older products that contain asbestos.

The types of asbestos materials that may be found in homes are described below:

  • Insulating board (Asbestos content 20-45 percent.)
    Insulating board has been used for fire protection, heat and sound insulation. It is particularly common in 1960s and 1970s system-built housing and is found in materials such as ducts, infill panels, ceiling tiles, wall lining, bath panels and partitions. It is unlikely to be found in buildings constructed after 1982.
  • Asbestos lagging (Asbestos content 55-100 percent.)
    Asbestos lagging has been used for thermal insulation of pipes and boilers. It was widely used in public buildings and system-built flats during the 1960s to early 1970s in areas such as boiler houses and heating plants.
    Asbestos lagging is very rarely found in homes, especially those constructed after the mid 1970s. The use of asbestos for thermal insulation was banned in 1986.
  • Sprayed coating (Asbestos content up to 85 percent.)
    Sprayed asbestos coatings were used for fire protection of structural steel and are commonly found in system-built flats built during the 1960s. The coatings were mainly applied around the core of the building such as service ducts, lift shafts, etc.
    Use stopped in 1974 and the spraying of asbestos has been prohibited since 1986. Sprayed asbestos has since been removed from many buildings, or sealed to prevent fibres being released.
  • Asbestos-cement products (Asbestos content mainly 10-15 percent, but sometimes up to 40 percent.)
    Asbestos-cement is the most widely used asbestos material. It is found in many types of building as profiled sheets for roofing and wall-cladding, in flat sheets and partition boards for linings to walls and ceilings, in bath panels, soffit boards, fire surrounds, flue pipes, cold water tanks and as roofing tiles and slates. It has been commonly used as roofing and cladding for garages and sheds and also in guttering and drainpipes.

    Use has declined since 1976, but asbestos cement is still being used, particularly in roofing and cladding products. Asbestos cement products are unlikely to release high levels of fibres because of the way they are made, unless they are subject to extreme abrasion. Damage from weathering may also release a small amount of fibres.

  • Other building materials and products
    Asbestos has been used in a variety of other building materials, for example in decorative coatings such as textured paints and plasters. These are still widely in place but supply and application has been prohibited since 1988.

    Plastic floor tiles, cushion flooring, roofing felts, tapes, ropes, felts and blankets can also contain asbestos.

  • Heating appliances and domestic equipment
    Asbestos was used in some warm air heating systems, electric storage heaters (up to 1976), in flameless catalytic gas heaters (up to 1988) and some early ‘coal effect’ gas fires.
    It has also been used in domestic equipment, such as oven gloves, ironing boards, seals on cooker doors and fire blankets, and in brake linings and pads.

So what do we do to help, what path do I take to help.

I will carry on and keep voicing how I feel and keep acting as Mother Hen with The Mesowarriors as a group. Each day a new diagnosis is made and everyday someone contacts me for help through this blog and Facebook.

I gather them into our groups and know everyone in the group will help them get through with all the help we can give.  We point the way to the latest treatment the latest Information.

Im leaving Foot Prints in the sand DO NOT wash them away

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Foot Prints in the Sand

  1. Thank you , my family has been affected by asbestos . I want you to know what you have done and who you are matters, & your footprints will carry on & teach so many people around the world how deadly Asbestos is. , A few yrs ago they could not do the many new techniques they are using know in hospitals, by fighting & speaking up you make a difference educating people of the dangers, in which helps get the new technology for the Dr’s , University’s & hospitals. to fight this nasty fiber & find the cure.To Fight, the corporations & governments letting them know we are not going let this nasty fiber to continue too be in our homes, schools, vehicles etc to outlaw Asbestos!! My oldest daughter has Mesothelioma [both my parents have past from it], Dr Lebenthal from Brigham & Women in Boston has saved her live 6 tumors removed her whole diaphragm removed [replaced w/ gortex] heart sack removed [heart wraped in gortex] saved her L lung but removed lower portion and liner, heated chemo during surgery , than all the complications, She is such a fighter , I watch with such admiration & pride that she has been so very strong thru it all, stomach stops working so you have to take 2 pills every time you eat or you throw up,, coughing so much it makes you throw up, bacterial washes, drainage tubes, 3yrs of chemo every 3 weeks , air pocket in side you that moves & hurts like hell can’t have surgery to fix it till chemo is done . On top of that trying to work so you do not lose your health insurance cause the price is so outrageous your screwed if you don’t have it. I Thank You with all my heart and soul , I pray to God for all of you to stop suffering , I pray for an answer of how to stop this from happening to others,, I pray to stop the anger inside of me of how wrong it is that it happens in the first place… My family has been in the vehicle repair business for generations, as well as myself, My Dad worked on large trucks for a big corporation for many years, Than they lived an a apartment that we found out later was a school bus barn, that they did all the brake jobs.The guilt that I didn’t know any better, losing my Mom & Dad & the suffering that my daughter is going threw . We need to educate people !!!!!!!! Your footprints make a difference in the world !!!!!!!!!!

    Sincerely Tammy,, xoxoxoxo

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