Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Gloves are off as Nick Clegg wont allow the Saatchi Bill any Debate in the House of Commons

Marks and Sparks have advertised this lovely bunch of spring flowers. As it is 1st march and a lovely day with the sun shinning away. I thought we would go out for a lovely walk today —Wrong!!

While I was sleeping the express was publishing the fact Nick Clegg was not going to allow the Saatchi Bill to be read in the House of Commons.

I can accept if it was actually being discussed and given a thorough thrashing out but not to be read at all –WELL!! where is free speech.

So many people were behind us to get the Bill through before the General Election. Now I dont know what will happen if the Conservatives loose and we have Labour in. I dont know what their thoughts are of the Bill.


Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb

We must do everything we can to ensure patients get access to the best possible treatments, including removing any unnecessary barriers to innovation.

So when I first heard about Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill I was immediately attracted to its purpose.

We must seek to ensure that doctors are confident that they are able to try innovative treatments within a clear framework which protects patient safety and safeguards them from litigation.

I have enormous sympathy for all those who have been through the awful experience of not being offered treatment which they believe might offer a chance of survival or of improving their condition.

But getting the law right in this area is incredibly important. We have to avoid the risk of unintended consequences.

The Liberal Democrats have listened to the concerns of patient organisations, research charities, legal bodies, royal colleges and medical unions who have told us the Bill in its current form could actually put patient safety at risk.

Surely we shouldn’t rush this through the House of Commons under pressure of time before the general election when organisations like the Patients’ Association, Action Against Medical Accidents, the Wellcome Trust, the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Physicians raise serious concerns.

Robert Francis, who has undertaken such important work for this country in the cause of patient safety by leading the Public Inquiry into the scandal of Mid Staffordshire Hospital fears that the Bill, if passed, could cause confusion and create even greater uncertainties in the law.

The result could be a bonanza for lawyers without achieving the laudable objectives of those backing the Bill.

He and others have also raised concern over the risk of experimental treatments being offered by private clinics who have a financial stake in a proposed treatment.

The risk is that some highly vulnerable people, desperate for a chance of recovery or remission, could be easy prey for exploitation by the few unscrupulous practitioners who peddle false hope.

So, faced with this level of concern, but recognising the profound importance of innovation and of saving lives, the best way to proceed is surely to appoint an eminent person examine what the barriers to innovation really are and how best to overcome them.

I am not interested in pushing this into the long grass. It should be given priority but we must get it right.

Such an examination of the issue should involve patient organisations, legal bodies, royal colleges and medical unions.

This review could then lead to draft legislation, if it is deemed necessary, going through full parliamentary scrutiny later this year.

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If I read that right- he isn’t actual saying no but some sick people haven’t got time for this to be sorted and a friend has written —Mavis while I think the bill should have gone through, when I researched it 4 months ago I did mention to you that I was disappointed the freedoms in existing law were not being used anyway. With Clegg any opportunity goes to his muddled head when there is a sweet spot for all of moral grandstanding, resistance/caution and the opportunity provided by political timing.

I do agree but the freedoms in existing law isnt being used or we wouldn’t have such a fight on our hands when we needed treatment. I was told that I had been offered everything that was licensed within the NHS but that wasn’t quiet true and I had to search and beg for more Innovation. We shouldn’t have to do that and if I had accepted that I would be dead now.

So I have been sending emails and Twitters and If you would like to follow me please do.

I did manage to get out with Louis for a walk around our Park but my head is swooning with thoughts of Nick Clegg. he has lost my vote thats for sure.

I want a leader that allows free speech this is dictatorship. Imnot

Yesterday was Rare Disease day

They made a wonderful Video

I have been putting together a newsletter. My first attempt hasn’t been to bad I hope to improve though. I love working out new things.


Take action – let them know what you think.

Contact the below four MPs, all instrumental in ensuring the debate was undemocratically blocked.

Let them know they have let patients down, that today is a tragic day for medical innovation.

1/ Contact Nick Clegg: Email Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister using the web form on his website


If you live in Sheffield Hallam, Nick Clegg’s constituency, email him here:

Tweet Nick Clegg using @Nick_Clegg
2/ Contact Norman Lamb MP for North Northfolk:

Tweet Norman Lamb using: @NormanLamb
3/ Contact Julian Huppert MP for Cambridge.

Tweet Julian Huppert using: @JulianHuppert
4/ Contact David Laws, MP for Yeovil,
5/ Write to your local paper

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to share your concern that the Liberal Democrats are blocking debate in the House of Commons.

Letters to editors are very powerful advocacy tools and allow the voice of patients and families to be heard.

Including questions about policy

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