Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- MARF Symposium (2015)









I went to the MARF Conference yesterday.

Well Live Link is just like your there. Its an amazing experience being able to watch and chat via chat to others arounn the world that are watching with you.

There are 200 countries world wide but only 60 have asbestos banned and the US is one of them —Naughty.

If i sum up the whole day its the fact that we musnt talk of ourselves as Guinea pigs. There a lot of scientists out there working on new drugs and its very exciting Mesothelioma has so many people dedicated to to finding treatment.

One lady gave a great talk on Flaxseed

So we have to buy it and grind it fresh everyday and use 2 tablespoons add to our cooking.



Trials have been done on this wonder seed so I will defiantly be buying them

Dean Fennel gave a great talk on all the new drugs but that Immunotherepy is the exciting one.

Brian Sullivan gave his great talk on his Company

But with all the Info given it still shows how they are in the early stages of understanding Mesothelioma that we are so desperate to find that cure and they are trying to work as hard as they can to understand why Mesothelioma patients are all different with their disease. The reaction to drugs are different,

A good thing is the fact that Immunotherepy is working on the different ones.

Pleural (lungs), peritoneal (abdomen), pericardial (heart) and testicular. Pleural and peritoneal are the most common types, comprising nearly 90 percent of all diagnoses. Sarcomatoid cells are the least common of the mesothelioma cell types and are the most resistant to cancer therapies. Diagnosis is challenging because the cells can resemble other cancers. Treatment will depend on the cancer’s stage and your overall health.

Also operations are now being carried out as a much younger group of patient is standing out. It is thought this is because its not so Occupational as more environmental with  DIY and schools being the cause. Buildings being demolished and so airborne near schools.

I never thought about the fact they have to be so sure that living on one Lung that lung has to be really good and sustain a good quality of life so hence a person living to say 75 may not have such healthy lung to cope.

So much has to be considered.

I will publish all the videos that MARF put on you tube in the next few weeks but they have to insert the presentations into the filming.

Brian Sullivan -Verastem

Brian Sullivan -Verastem








Prof Dean Fennel

Prof Dean Fennel


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