Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Sharon and her Puppy won Crufts, Keep fighting for The saatchi Bill and a Mesothelioma Warriors Report on MARF Symposium

A great day today. the sun is shining and Our Camping friend has won crufts

Sharons friend that is there said –Once again super news from the Crufts:
Cherry’s sister dusty “Sharnor Instnt\r infatuation” received 2nd place in the puppy class.
Quincy’s daughter Berry “Sharnor high hopes” won the open class
The results make me even a little pride and I am very happy for Sharon, Norman and Gabi All thumbs and paws are pressed to decide to the best female for Berry.

I love Sharon as she is a great breeder of Bedlingtons but she has them indoors and they are all her pets. She has a puppy room for when they are born and she sleeps in the room with them as they get stronger.

I have camped with her and 12 dogs at Canterbury. It was a very amusing time spent in her company with her dogs and oh yes Norman her husband.

I just have to share a post script as Sharon and her team have had a lovely day

Thank you all for your wishes. It was a great day for the Sharnor team. Falcon was 5th (VHC) in Open Dog
Dusty was 2nd in Puppy Bitch
Berry was 1st in Open Bitch
and Berry’s brother was 1st in Post Graduate dog. He is owned by Richard Pedersen. This is Richard’s 1st year of showing and he did so amazingly well at his first Crufts. There are so many people to thank, but a special thank you to Claudia Jolanda Monticello and Lisa Williams for all the food. To Mark Allinson for the cakes and to Gabriela Roell who has just been there and a fabulous friend and last but certainly not least thank you to Paula Bishop for coming up to help me get the dogs ready. Bless you.

Its great to have someone there and Im so so proud of her xx


We decided to go to Tankerton to walk our dog but hey ho! the sun is shinning and all the day visitors are coming to see Whitstable. I just dont know where these late comers will park. So pleased that I have a disabled blue badge and we got in at our car park. all the dogs had a great time meeting up on the sea front although Louis go’s made when we walk past the dog beauty parlour.  i dont know why, it must be he can smell the shampoo. If the lead was loose he would vanish and he pulls like mad to get away.

The road was very packed trying to drive back home. It means the local shops have done well today though.

The Saatchi Bill petition is doing well with 3000 signatures with another 1500 to go and then that will secure a debate in the House of Commons next term.

Keep signing please.

Saatchi said on Friday — Unfortunately, even though the Bill is still on the order paper this is just a formality. It will never get debated as there will not be time. The Government had found time to debate the Bill on a separate day – this had support from both Labour and Conservatives – it is this debating time that the Lib Dems blocked. If the Bill is not debated this parliament then it has to go right back to the beginning of the process…bearing in mind it has already taken two years to get this far, that the Bill has been debated four times in the House of Lords, has been subject to a Government led consultation, has HMG support and has had safeguards overseen by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, it is a devastating blow – in particular for families and patients who do not have time on their hands. Many thanks for your interest.

Isnt that sad so we keep fighting on xx


A mesowarrior who attended the MARF Symposium has written a lovely piece on Face Book

Written by Board Member and Mesothelioma Warrior Sandy Robb
March 4 at 11:56pm
I have been a witness to hope.
Moreover, I have been a witness to the transformative currency of hope.
No personal achievement, no accomplishment on my resume, no laurel, nothing I can point to in my past with the beaming pride of immodesty can sit on the pedestal beside this graceful vision.
I am humbled.
Some of you may know I have contracted a cancer called mesothelioma. I am not the first, and I bemoan my fate solely because I am not the last. The counterbalance to my winning this devil’s lottery is that I have been granted admission into a society of stunning, unheralded, and unparalleled humans. Other than my wife and children, no people on Earth have shaped my thinking, emotions, and goals more viscerally.
For the last few days, I have been attending and benefiting from an annual symposium that draws together the afflicted, their families, and the medical geniuses and scientists who populate our small and earnest subculture. I have been graced with the opportunity to speak with remarkable intellects who, rather than seek the limelight their abilities could and should demand, choose instead to labor tirelessly to conquer the scourge of strangers. I have received the gift of basking in the glow of parents and siblings and children of those whom this horror has taken, but have turned their loss into selfless advocacy. I have been been warmed, encouraged, and educated by my afflicted peers, whose resolution is undaunted and who never, never admit that surrender is a viable option. Never.
I, we, are gifted by solace. The very knowledge that we are not alone, and that serious, remarkable people have adopted our cause as their own, allows us to live life as it is intended, rather than as it is inflicted. We wake with days of unavoidable yet indescribable challenge. Nonetheless, I have not met the cardholder in our exclusive club who advertises his or her adversities. Rather, I see and hear those from every walk of life who open their eyes in the morning only to say “today I will achieve this,” “this is the day I do what I couldn’t quite accomplish yesterday,” and, most commonly, “this problem is not who I am.” I absorb joy from these warrior spirits.
The list of individuals, organizations, doctors, scientists, peers, survivors, caretakers, and gentle souls who have dedicated their incomparably valuable talents, love, and resources to my brave, incomparable, and inherently noble companions on this unexpected path is too numerous and too populated with selfless grace to pay grouped homage toward in a minor expression such as this. I will endeavor to express those thanks more directly elsewhere. Know, though, that gentle saints walk among us. When you encounter humility, benevolence, or selflessness in someone crossing your path, realize that the many communities such as mine are the recipients of those rare individuals’ gifts. Take the time to acknowledge the privilege bestowed upon you in crossing their paths.
I have received many moments in my life that have lifted me beyond my level of what is deserved. But truly, in this group, I am humbled. I am watered in the life-giving nutrient that is hope.
And, more than ever, I am grateful to finally understand how it feels it owe gratitude. There are none better

He is so right that is exactly what it was -a witness of hope. There are wonderful Doctors and Scientists working together and sharing information. We ar not alone we have sympathy and everyone trying so hard to find the answers.

Mary Hesdorffer I admire her so much for her knowledge of our Disease

Mary is the one on the right in this picture.




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