Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Goodnight to a Mesowarrior,A great article about the Saatchi Bill, News on the schools asbestos

What another lovely sunny day its been. We go out with just light jackets on.

Flitted through the house with a duster and tidied up.

Ray had taken Louis out so as I wanted the car washed at Tesco’s we left the lad indoors.

Ray took all the things out of the car so off we drove. Booked the car in and was charged extra because of the dogs hairs.

We went to do the shopping while they worked on it.

I cant believe that at the till an old friend was waiting to be served. I hadnt seen her for 4 years and then she goes shopping the same time as me. What a coincidence.

She had seen me on the telly she said.  So many people tell me that. As they sit eating their tea and they cant believe its me talking to them on the telly.

terry pratchett

Sad to see that this lovely man died today but so amazing he was tweeting to the end or someone was doing it within the family

“Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.”

He wrot a blog about assisted death– Frankly this is no better than suicide itself. I know that on several occasions people have rigged up all kinds of devices and this makes my flesh creep. As a former journalist I had to deal all too often with the results of successful, but nevertheless terribly amateurish, suicides which were traumatic to the extent of making hardened police officers vomit. Surely a compassionate and caring country can do better than this?

Do you have a minute to complete a survey? The Care Quality Commission are keen to hear from a range of people about their experiences with end of life care. They hope to uncover inequalities and variations in care that may sadly exist. We’d so appreciate your help in completing this survey – your answers are essential to developing recommendations for how to improve care, to make sure everyone is getting the treatment they deserve.

Another link I want to show is a great blog -Spot on article about the Bill in the British Journal of Cardiology

We believe we live in a world of choice. We believe that we choose our futures. We believe that the power of choice makes us invincible. Yet, we seem to have forgotten what makes us truly human: one day, our brief, precious lives will end. Society today still cowers at the spectre of death − but why? It is because the thought of being deprived of choice has become such an alien concept to us. We cannot choose the way in which we leave this world, so we fear death. But what if, when the time came, you were given the choice to try and cheat death? Even if it were risky, wouldn’t you grasp for one more chance at life? The Saatchi Bill, which would allow doctors to treat terminally ill patients with new and innovative treatments instead of having to stick to failed standard procedures, supports the most fundamental human instinct: the will to survive.

Oh very true.

I had to light a candle for a dear Mesowarrior.  Esther lost Jimmy last night.- She has just told me –Dear Mavis my beloved Jimmy passed away last night,he was surrounded by his loved ones,my heart is broken,he fought till the end he is at peace and I thank god for the wonderful years we had together.Would you put this on our sites love to you and Ray xx
I know all the Mesowarriors mean so much but now and again one passes who I have been so involved with through my Journey and a special bond is there. We have been through so much and lost so many warriors together.
So we say Goodnight to Jimmy O’Driscoll who has fought Mesothelioma so hard for so long and our love goes Esther and all the family





A document came out today from the Government

All staff and children should have access to a safe and effective working and learning environment. It is important that we support schools, and those responsible for them, to carefully manage their school buildings so that they are safe and in decent condition.
The Department for Education has reviewed its policy on asbestos management in schools and invited views from stakeholders through a call for evidence. This document sets out our key findings and the steps we will take to address any barriers to the safe and effective management of asbestos in our schools.
We will:
a) Develop better and more targeted guidance on asbestos management in schools.
b) Enhance the scrutiny on duty holders for managing asbestos in their schools.
c) Look at ways to improve our evidence base, including thorough air-sampling in schools.
d) Continue to fund the removal of asbestos where appropriate, directly and indirectly, through our funding programmes.
e) Encourage more academies to join the Risk Protection Arrangement
Much of this we are already putting into practice. Our refreshed guidance on managing asbestos in schools will be published shortly. We are taking steps to make sure those responsible for schools are aware of it and have easy access to it.
In February 2015 the Department announced over £6 billion of new investment to improve the condition of the school estate. This builds on the almost £18 billion this Government has invested in the estate during this Parliament. As well as addressing poor condition across schools, this funding ensures that those responsible for schools can deal with asbestos adequately and that, over time, as more school buildings are replaced and refurbished, we will see a reduction in the number of school buildings with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). 4

Also it has been published

Prime Minister’s Questions Wed 11 March 2015 Annette Brooke (Mid Dorset and North Poole) (LD): “Seventy-five per cent. of our schools contain asbestos, more than 20 teachers a year are dying from exposure to asbestos and our children are known to be particularly vulnerable. Will the Prime Minister ensure that the Government publish their completed policy review on asbestos in schools before Dissolution?” The Prime Minister : “My right hon. Friend raises a very important issue, which has been well broadcast and covered in the media in the past couple of days. That is why we are carrying out an asbestos review going through all schools. We will publish it in due course, and action will have to be taken.”

The Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Tristram Hunt MP, has today written to the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan MP. …”It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Government is trying to bury the findings of your Department’s review of the management of asbestos in schools. The consultation on this review ended a year ago. Since then, there have been several opportunities for the Government to come clean on its findings, yet Ministers have repeatedly tried to kick the report into the long grass. Today we find out that the Prime Minister himself is refusing to set out a timetable for publication before the dissolution of Parliament…”

Things are moving

Rays Blog


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