Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- St Patricks Day, A visit to the Vets and a visit to the Doctor for me and a strange dream

We have had a busy busy. Window cleaner day and we missed paying him.OOps
We had to get Louis to the Vets for all his booster jabs. He has his passport to keep up to date and for some reason the jabs are cheaper now.
We got to the vets with time to spare and I had a quivering jelly dog. So nervous he makes me laugh. A lovely you man was there with his American Bulldog.
American Bulldog
Louis took a shine to him we were amazed.
We had a long talk about dog fights and the horrible life they lead. He was saying that he had to contact the police and show them how he was able to manage his dog. He had bred from her but didn’t like the responsibility of vetting the buyers.
There was another little dog that we had to wait to be seen and then it was Louis turn. He wasnt muzzled and he allowed (with a fight) for the nose drops for the Kennel Cough and he didnt even realise he had the jabs in his bottom. WoW!
The vet was asking how I was now and I mentioned that Dogs can get Mesothelioma and he shocked us by saying  It is the most common Cancer he is seeing. When I could recover I said when you think about it dogs are sniffing everything in all silly places. Would you all ask your vets the question I would love to know how wide spread this is.

Mesotheliomas are rare tumors derived from the cellular tissue that lines the cavities and interior structures of the body. These linings are called the epithelial linings, specifically the mesothelium. The mesothelial lining, specifically, is a membranous epithelial lining that is derived from the mesoderm cell layer, with its main functions being to line the body cavity, to cover and protect the internal organs, and to facilitate movement within the body cavity (coelom).  Mesotheliomas are the result of abnormal division and replication of mesothelial cells, and their migration to other sites in the body. This cellular behavior can occur in the thoracic cavity, the abdominal cavity, the pericardial sac around the heart, and for male dogs, in the scrotum. The resultant tumors will often displace internal organs, causing gastrointestinal or cardiac symptoms. Mesotheliomas also produce a lot of fluid, making microscopic (cytologic) examination of fluid samples an extremely relevant diagnostic tool.

 The German shepherd is the breed most commonly affected by mesotheliomas.

Symptoms and Types

  • Trouble breathing
  • Muffled heart, lung, and abdominal (ventral) sounds
  • Abdominal enlargement/swelling with fluid build-up
  • Large scrotum
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting


Exposure to asbestos is one of the known causes for mesothelioma formation.


Your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam on your dog, taking into account the background health history, onset of symptoms, and possible incidents that might have precipitated this condition. A complete blood profile will be conducted, including a chemical blood profile, a complete blood count, and a urinalysis. X-rays of the chest and abdominal cavities will be the most important diagnostic aid for confirming mesothelioma. Radiograph and ultrasound imaging can also be used to show effusion (escape of fluid from the vessels) or masses in the body’s cavities, and in the pericardial sac (the lining surrounding the heart).

Your doctor will also take a fluid sample for cytologic (microscopic) examination of the fluid. Exploratory surgery, or a laparoscopy (surgery of the abdomen), can be performed for removal of mesothelial masses for cellular examination in the laboratory.

All a bit of a surprise to read that

Tomorrow, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will debate two different bills to reform the federal Toxic Substances Control Act, or ‪#‎TSCA‬. However, only the proposal authored by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) would give EPA the authority it needs to finally stop asbestos from being used in the U.S.

Dr. Irving Selikoff, an anti-asbestos pioneer

Ever wondered who was the first person who had the courage to stand up and speak against one of the world’s cheapest, most resistant and fireproof construction materials?

We did some digging and we found out that one of the first people who dared to incriminate asbestos as a source of dangerous and deadly diseases was Dr. Irving J. Selikoff.

For 30 years, from the 1960s to 1990s, America’s expert in asbestos, Dr. Selikoff, researched the dangers of this so called ‘miracle’ substance and found that as well as its many advantages it had one disadvantage that cancelled out all of the positives: it could kill.

A very controversial character, because of his claims, Dr. Selikoff is regarded both as a pioneer in asbestos epidemiology and as a demagogue who destroyed an entire industry, and who made exaggerated allegations about the dangers of the construction materials that contained asbestos. An article published in 2007, authors Jock McCulloch and Geoffrey Tweedale depicted a very thorough rendition of Dr. Selikoff reputation. When they gained access to the doctor’s personal letters and studies, they could paint a more realistic version of Dr. Selikoff’s personality.

“Nothing of any value had been written about Dr. Selikoff, despite his importance in changing public attitudes in the U.S. toward asbestos.”, Dr. McCulloch said. “Having read his letters we were both impressed by his integrity, his willingness to work with people with whom he disagreed, and his dedication to science as an open-ended enterprise”, he added.

Dr. Selikoff’s voice was heard for the first time in the ‘60s when his early researches linked asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma to asbestos exposure, after studying factory workers. This discovery was met with great opposition from both the media and the industry and it’s claims were said to be bogus and over exaggerated. It was only in the ‘80s, when a lot of factory workers credited asbestos with their lung diseases, that Dr. Selikoff was cleared of any accusation that came from the media and when the public opinion finally began to question the dangers associated with asbestos.

This afternoon I had to go to the doctors and talk about my problems.
Turns out I have a water infection again. she showed me the tester strip. The top strip had turned purple and the other one turned a dark orange, Seems that means I have blood in my Urine. She has sent my sample on to the Lab for more testing.
Im on Antibiotics and a Canesten until the results come back. She said that the Immune system can be low. Just because the drug has worked it doesn’t say how strong the Immune is, and it is having to work so hard again.
All very interesting.
 I have to leave this crazy message as it is — I had it this morning from a Cyber friend—
Morning… Really odd question but is your house number 43 or does that number ring any bells with you?
Morning no i cant think of any connection

Oh… I had a crazy dream last night !

I went back in time.. And went to find you.. Haha
was i young maybe I was 43 again

Haha I’m not sure how far I went back… But I met a bloke who knew you and Ray and he said you lived just down the road at 43 can’t remember the road.. It was just a very odd and clear dream.. Oh well haha have a great day x
Ahh who did you meet ?

I don’t know his name… Wish my bloody alarm never went off now
was it three or eight
was it Seymour road

I’m sure it was 3.. Some kids told me there was 2 streets that had the same sounding name but this was a good 2 mile apart.. You apparently lived in the closer one !

It rings a bell.. But I’m not 100% sure… It sounded like Seymour road !!
dreams have other meanings i will try and work it all out Go back to sleep and finish the dream —–How very strange
I lived 20 minutes from Ray when i was 15 but that is making it fit and thats silly xx

If u could I would… I never have dreams like this.. But the last time I did they carried on for the next few nights…

It was so clear… I also went to see someone else and told them what happens later on and they thought I was crazy and sent me away haha charming x
well lets let it ride and see if anything does happen i do believe in the fact we leave our bodies when asleep

Was there and a main road between the areas you and Ray lived ?
I lived at 50 and Ray lived 48

Well lets see what tonight brings… Probably a load of rubbish but you never know haha x
I love it

Well I have searched dreams about time travel and “what a load of rubbish” Who writes this stuff haha
6 hours ago
What amazes me is why you should even dream of me let alone Ray as well very spooky

Yes very odd….
4 hours ago

What is even more odd is the fact… I was going to knock on your door and say “i’m from the future” haha
OMG isnt this all amazing. I wonder what it all means —can I blog this –not mentioning your name ??? it will be fun

Haha of course you can… you can mention my name I don’t mind everyone knowing i’m nuts lol
oh bless we need a laugh and a smile xx

Haha x

Let me know when you have blogged it x
I will send it to you I will do it tonight xx
have a cat nap you might be able to finish the story xx

Ha ha ok if I remember anymore I will let you know… I can remember the road lay out.. Do you need a map xx
yes xx

Ok… I will see what I can do… I don’t have a PC anymore because I have just treated myself to a Mac… so still trying to figure it out… xx
OK do a description

I’m downloading a app I will see what I can do with it x
I wait to see if he finishes the dream off -its so funny
Rays Blog

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