Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Drug Day at the Royal Marsden MK3475 is still working on me


Drug Day today and we arrived so early as the roads were clear. The schools are closed for Easter and that makes such a difference.

The journey was so pleasant.

It appears tjough that I should have gone as I should have had a letter putting me off until Wednesday as they have such a back log to get through, Easter Holidays of coarse. I was prepared to have to go home but Carol my nurse said noway. your here so we will sort it. I truly did not have a letter to cancel though.

Anyway I knew then it would be a long day and we settled down. I even weighed myself and did a urine sample to save time.

My bloods were taken and we waited for the Doctor.

She came and called me in and everything was perfect. My Biology was 100% My Bloods were 100% My urine infection was clear. My Hydration was good but just a dip in Kidney activity. She said that is always up and down so everything was good to have the drug.

The fluid in my legs and ankle have to worked on again so water tablets will be used again and E45 cream and to let the air get to my legs at night so Im listening..

So with that we went down to the Restaurant and i had a toasted cheese sandwich. It was lovely.

On buying a paper we strolled into the sun and sat on a bench. We have not done that before and was amazed at the long queue of cars trying to get to the car park.

msd1 msdn3.a msdn3

So after this lovely Interlude we went back to the ward. Some weeks people sit there and dont talk this week we all chatted away. The man there with Lung Cancer is on Verestems drug and doing really well. lote sof shrinkage but side effects of a rash and diabetes made worse but he is taking the risk to get the shrinkage.

He is so happy that he is improving.

Another lady with Brain cancer is doing well. I love the courage that is shown by these patients.

Frank and his Daughter were there again. She is such a good nurse to her Dad, who has had so many Ops for a brain tumour and lost the abilty to walk normal etc etc but he is the most cheerful man and he loved our Mortorhome that he is going to buy one and his daughter will drive it. She had her son with her who had a box of tricks, like a nail through his finger and when he gave me a chewing gum it had a big spider attached. I had to scream -well I had to amuse him didnt I. It passed the time and I was soon called for my Drug.

My Wonder Drug. It is in my veins for 22nd time. Thats where it isnt like Chemo. you can only have no more than 6 of chemo. This is going on and on, I just dont know how long for. How long will my body tolerate it. Only time will tell.

Rays Blog —

Please read all of the article and links but I liked this bit

A great write up on Immunotherepy —

Many clinical trials are ongoing to study these different types of immunotherapy and answer key questions, including:

  • Does any one of the immunotherapies work better alone or in combination with other treatments?
  • Should immunotherapy be given before or after another treatment?
  • When in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer should the immunotherapy be used?

There are many phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3 studies currently under way that will add to our understainding of immunotherapies.7

If you are considering participating in a clinical trial, start by asking your doctor whether there is one for which you might qualify in your area. In addition, here are several resources to help you find one that may be a good match for you:


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