Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- I went to london –Not to see the Queen though but to meet Mesowarriors

Today we went to London but not to see the Queen but to meet up with Mesowarriors.

The weather has been wonderful and so sunny.

A lovely train journey and then on the Underground to Mansion House with a walk to St Barts. Lynne an Richard were already there as Richard is on the TRAP trial and doing well.

Karen and Terry had traveled down from Scotland yesterday to try and find treatment for Terry as they are not being offered enough in Scotland. There is a funding issue to be treated in UK but they are getting over that.

We all met up and had a chat and then Richard went up to the 7th floor for his treatment and Terry was waiting at Clinic 2 to see Jeremy Steel.

We went up to the 7th floor but Lynne was on her way down as she could see there wasnt any room to sit up there as it was busy. We passed in the lift shaft. ha ha !!! playing going up and down we did meet on the Ground floor.

We did get some wonderful pictures of the view up there


Then we took photos on the ground floor.










So deep in Conversation xx









the gang hit town

What a lovely hospital it is now with this new part built. it is where the scanning department and bloods were so now its a modern hospital.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital (Barts), is now part of Barts Health NHS Trust.

We offer a full range of local and specialist services, which includes centres for the treatment of cancer, heart conditions, fertility problems and sexual health conditions.

The fight against cancer took a major step forward with the opening in March 2010 to patients of the new £200m Barts Cancer Centre.  The nine-story extension of Britain’s oldest hospital boasts some of the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment facilities anywhere in the world – all in a stunning environment.   As well as offering the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures, cancer drugs, stem cell and gene therapies, Barts Cancer Centre has an impressive array of state-of-the-art imaging, radiotherapy and radio surgery technology.

Our world-renowned hospitals – Barts, The Royal London and The London Chest – are home to many international experts and world-class specialist centres, from cancer, cardiac and digestive diseases to trauma and a leading children’s hospital.

Our daily mission is bringing excellence to life – giving our patients the best possible care so that they can live better, fuller, longer lives. We aim to provide safe, clinically effective and patient centred care to the highest international standards.

We have one of the best survival rates in the NHS, a measure widely regarded as an indicator of clinical excellence overall.  During 2009/10, our survival rates were better than would be expected (as indicated in Dr Foster hospital standardised mortality ratio), given the nature and complexity of the cases we treat.  Patient safety is paramount at Barts and The London and we have an excellent track record to prove it.

And with the world’s biggest hospital development – a £1 billion investment – we will soon care for our patients in facilities that match the quality of our clinical care.

We cant say they dont spend money on the NHS as there is a lot of good hospitals are being built in London for cancer treatment.

Lynne Ray and myself went for a coffee and a long chat.

Terry went in to see Jeremy Steel and when they came out they had good news that after a holiday and a new scan Terry will be offered a new Chemo and then look at a trial. I wish them all the luck as at last they feel happy with the information offered.

I spoke to Jeremy who was surprised to see me there. “what are you doing here” he said. i explained that we all knew each other. he is aware of how we have banded together and that does see so many of the Warriors.

We parted then as Karen and Terry were traveling back to stay at South Mimms on the way back to Scotland tomorrow.

We went up and said goodbye to Richard who was in the chair for his Injection.

I hobbled back to the Tube and the train home. I have come home really worn out with all the walking after drag day yesterday.

It has been a great day and we have really enjoyed meeting my face book friends.


One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- I went to london –Not to see the Queen though but to meet Mesowarriors

  1. It was lovely to meet you guys earlier. I’m now googling holidays in May just before Terry’s scan appointment 😊. We had a look round the Museum of London on the way back to the car park which was interesting but the dogs didn’t get their walk in Regents Park. Too many no dog signs and too many people with picnics in the places we could walk them. Found a decent field for them to run in on the way back to the hotel. Terry’s now snoring in the chair!

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