Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Spring is here, Our Skies are polluted,ADAO 11th conference starts next week so I look back at Steve McQueens life and a visual blog of Warren Zevon

The weather has been glorious these past couple of days and if you find a place to sit out of the coastal breeze, which is very cool still, you have the sun beaming down and warming the winter bodies. The Spring bulbs are really unfolding and the trees are beginning to put on their leafy coat.

Dare we hope spring is turning into summer at last.

This is the Keukenhof in the Netherlands. The tulip fields are located just outside of this park and are absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend it, especially in the spring. Shahnté Stgo posted on faceBook this wonderful photo. We have been to the Netherlands in spring and it is a wonderful place. With field after field of spring bulbs growing. The scant was heavenly.

We on the other hand had pollution over our county. This made it very uncomfortable for some peopl as their eyes burnt and throats. People with breathing problems were best off in doors. We did go for a walk around the Rugby field but it was very hard for me to breath and I got puffed out just going up a bit of an incline.

British Lung Foundation did warn us.—-

We hope you haven’t found your health too badly affected by the levels of air pollution in the UK over the last couple of days! If you agree with us that more needs to be done to tackle air pollution in order to reduce its harmful impact, why not take part in this e-action from Friends of the Earth Scotland?

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on its low emission strategy, and today is the last day you can have your say on Scotland’s air pollution plan. By doing so you can help make sure Scotland’s strategy is as effective as it can be! Please share your thoughts by following the link below.

According to Defra fresher, cleaner air from the Atlantic will reach the UK tomorrow – though in many areas air pollution will remain at a moderate level – so enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

Ray washed the car so i hope the sand doesnt land on it over night.

Next week ADAO 11th conference is upon us and my name appears once again. I do appreciate the mention as I strive to keep the UK Asbestos and Mesothelioma Awareness in the forefront as we just must not give up being a thorn in the side of the powers that be to keep money backing research and also helping the Asbestos Industry to be able to strip Asbestos out of our lives. We could have a new government so any way forward we have made could be squashed and we have to start over again.

This also happens within the NHS. Just as the poor hospitals etc etc have got the Conservatives plans in place it could start all over again with Labour plans. I have been in meetings and seen that happen. What amazes me is the Doctors in my Lung meeting just calmly take a deep breath and work with the new rulings and strive to make it all happen.

I salute them for their patience.

Any way I digress Linda Reinstein has just said ——-

We just published the beautiful 128 –page conference program! You can view and share everything via the April eNewsletter SPECIAL ASBESTOS AWARENESS CONFERENCE EDITION. If you are a volunteer, speaker, honoree, sponsor, or donor – please read and share this newsletter with your family and friends. Please join me in thanking Herman Hamilton for his continued ADAO leadership and especially with conference planning and for updating our mobile app! Mentioned in this eNewsletter are: Doug Larkin Richard A. Lemen Ellen Costa Jordan Zevon Barbi McQueen Marilyn Amento Hazards magazine Ann Samuelson Emily Reinstein Jasmine Uysal Lou Williams Jill Cagle Ellen Volk Patton Ellen Tunkelrott Mavis Nye Asbestos Hunter Heather Von St James Troi Atkinson Domani Tripam Sandra Neuenschwander Earl Dotter Geoff Fary Barry Robson Fernanda Giannasi Guadalupe Aguilar Madrid Arturo Juarez Aguilar Libby Card Yvonne Waterman Mark D Catlin Cameron Von St. James Syed Mezab Ahmed Environmental Working Group World Health Organization (WHO) American Public Health Association Christine Winter Brent Kynoch and others.

I was looking back and I love the video of Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) ADAO’s 8th Annual International Asbestos Awareness… Steve McQueens widow accepted an Award in 2012 and it bought together Barbara and The son of Warren Zevon Who wrote a wonderful song. Keep me in your heart It really moves me into tears -thanks for posting and reminding me why I fight so hard

Please watch as Barbara and Jorden appear together.

The Visual blog of Warren Zevon ans a Mesothelioma Warrior


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