Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Summer is here and the Lambs are playing in the fields

This is getting better and better as the sun shines again and the weather is warming up. Have we said goodbye to the winter at last.

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The wonderful countryside around us looks so lovely in the sun.

Blossoms are out and the lambs have been born to the ewes in their lambing field.

Ray had to take the motor home in for the MOT and have the cam belt changed as we have had it 5 years now. So he went off on his own and I told hie to get a taxi back. Im afraid that didn’t work out as they were to busy so he walked all the way back. Thank goodness I didn’t go as I wouldn’t have been able to have done that.

So I stayed home and got lunch ready after cleaning through.

I was so pleased when Ray did get home and discovered a letter from the Marsden stuck in the letterbox.

It was my Scan appointment for the 19th May. Isnt it funny how things have changed and Im excited not dreading that date. I cant wait to have a scan again so we can see whats going on and if the miracle is still happening and there is more shrinkage.

Im excited as if there is more shrinkage the Doctors and nurses will be so happy its a great celebration for the Marsden and I love it as I get the result instantly as they cant wait either.

As the sun goes down it is getting chillier so I have to close the windows but its been great to air the home out today.

We lost power this afternoon and didn’t know why. It was explained on face book later
An incident at a substation in Whitstable has reportedly left some of the town without power.
There were reports that it was due to a fire at the station at the junction of Belmont Road near the railway bridge. Kent Fire and Rescue have confirmed crews were called out but that they were not needed.UK Power is now on the scene handling the situation.A spokesman said: “UK Power Networks engineers are working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore electricity supplies to 270 properties in Whitstable following a fault on a piece of equipment at a substation. Originally 517 properties lost power at around 4pm today but 247 had their supplies restored at 4.39pm.

I do like to know and then it meant going around changing all the digital clocks as they were flasing on the Microwave and cooker and DVD.
Rays Blog I bet not many will remember this. Its how the victorians used to buy toothpaste. I was diging in an old dump a few years ago when I unearthed it. Ive not seen any on ebay ,some Odol pots but not like this one. All quiet and then louis goes berserk. Gosh its the window cleaner. No it can’t be he was only hear 2 weeks ago not due for 2 more.

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