Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Weekend at Peterborough Motor Home Show and ADAO 11th Asbestos Conference

peterborough 1

Our destination last Thursday was Peterborough where we bought our Motorhome 5 years ago in exchange for our Auto Trail. We bought Our Auto Sleeper Clubman. She has been a great Motorhome with her Monocoqe Body I love her.

We arrived in good time and was soon inside the grounds and guided into our pitch by our dear friend Jock. Lovely to see him and so many good friends again.

It was lovely and warm on Thursday but that went down hill a bit with a cold wind blowing.

peterborough 21

We walked Louis around the show ground everyday with us and I have been so proud of him. You cant believe how many dogs Motorhomers have. Some have as many as six but the combination is endless. Louis has walked around so good. I dropped the lead loose for him so he didn’t feel how nervous I was as he meet packs of dogs or a dog as big a s a small pony. Little puppies jumping all over the place.  It was more a dog show than a Motorhome show.

We did shopping as Ray loves fudge and always buys it, Then he bought Emu Oil as the lady let him rub some on his bad back and he got relief from the pain.

I bought a long brush that looked like a big bottle brush but was for the radiator, I will use it under the wardrobe, washing machine and fridge to get the fluff out.

We met several friends from the past. You know the face but forget the names, very embarrassing many friends that you know their name and its so good to meet again.

Campers love meeting up at the shows.

I really had a great time but then last night I had one of the side effects of my drug. Constipation has been the biggest one for a very long time so why it decided to do the opposite i do not know. The Motorhome isnt the place to be ill in. But I stayed in the warm last night and after a good night sleep I felt back to normal this morning.

Because of the very cloudy skies and the bitter cold wind we came home today instead of tomorrow but I have enjoyed being away that I have now come home and planned more weekends.

I missed the ADAO Conference but have been catching up on all the news. I was going to watch Live Stream until Ray reminded me that having the computer on for all day meant a flat battery.

Professor Dean Fennel Gave a brilliant Speech as usual and I know he mentioned imunotheraphy that’s for sure as he is so proud of my case.

Here is a man I admire. Asbestos Hunter. He produces a lot of Asbestos Pictures I have shown on my Face Book and sometimes in my blog.

Really odd pictures of where you would never think Asbestos was used.

His Face Book completely fascinates me as he researches and finds some powerful pictures.

The Ahmed family wants the same treatment for Pakistanis that other countries have fought for and won. They want the company that exposed people to deadly asbestos to be responsible for their medical care. They want the company to take action and to dispose of asbestos debris safely to prevent future asbestos exposure to workers, children and nearby residents of Karachi. And above all, they want Pakistan to ban asbestos.

Since 2007, Syed Haroon Ahmed has been investigating the death of his brother, Syed Fareed Ahmed, from cancer of the tongue at age 55. Through his research, he’s uncovered countless examples of dangerous exposure to asbestos at the Dadex factory where his brother worked in Karachi, Pakistan.

Mezab and his Dad Haroon are building a Meso Hospital in Pakistan to help the 2 million people affected by this terrible disease! What  an inspiration to all of us

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