Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- C &CC AGM at Wrotham and Schools have found an answer to Asbestos in Schools

Had a great weekend and to be able to catch up with camping friends within the C&CC. two have been having Chemo and on is starting Radiotherapy on Monday. We must be the age where Cancer is creeping into our lives and spoilng our life of Camping.

We were in the village of Wrotham


We managed to walk to the village on Saturday and the sun shone.

In the evening we had a very sociable evening nattering away and eating listening to 60’s meeting it was so pleasesent.

Sunday morning was the AGM which was carried out in 30mins with no problems.


We got there early as people were arriving

This couple are soon traveling to US by Motorhome down to Tennessee and the deep south of USA



A very serious moment

agm2 - Copy

getting ready for the AGM

agm1 - Copy

Last minute chat before we start.

I was talking to a retired teacher and she explained to about Academy Schools. The school we were in was an Academy and I said it was so run down but she explained. The Academies spend the money that has been given to them on building a new school on the site. They then pull down the old buildings and flatten the site making a playground or parking areas. Now that pleases me because that means the Asbestos problem is bring resolved by doing this.  I will ask a lot more questions and report here but the Government should be thanked and they should make sure this is the policy of all old schools and this very important plan is carried on by the new government

See I cant even go away without doing my work on Awareness of Asbestos and Mesothelioma


2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- C &CC AGM at Wrotham and Schools have found an answer to Asbestos in Schools

  1. I used to live just down the hill from Wrotham (pronounced Root Ham for anyone who doesn’t know), and spent many a Saturday night in The Bull when I was much younger :-).

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