Living With Mesothelioma _My Diary_ Remembering VE day

It was a lovely day yesterday even if it was overcast. So I got out my Motor home extending brush and decided to try and push myself to clean the guttering that has got so black through the winter.

I have boxed clever and used a patio cleaner that you can then put on and leave and it will work on the black.

That was a great idea except I kept loosing my balance as I looked up to do this. I think I got more soaked than the guttering. But I kept going and managed to get some water on.

I then did the window frames and I now have white and gleaming PVC window frames.

Ray didn’t even know I was out there and wondered why the dog was barking as I hosed down afterwards.

I only managed half the home though so I will finish today. I weeded the garden as I went round. Very busy day but I couldn’t move last night. My muscles seized up. Trying to sit down hurt!!  My hands have seized up and fingers are throbbing –Oh goodness getting old is no fun.

I showered ad wished we hadn’t giving up the bath but then I cant get in and out of a bath anymore thanks to all the Chemo damage.

But Im alive and that’s what counts.

The VE day concert on BBC1 was brilliant last night. We do celebrations so well don’t we

I was a war baby but I really don’t remember the wartime.

My brother remembers me being born as he was 9 years older than me so he had to go and live with my Gran and aunts and would you believe that was in Streatham. As children were being evacuated he was being sent to London. Mum was evacuated so that’s why I was born at West Byfleet in Surrey. she spent three months there.

I was given a  gas mask. Look at that no wonder i screamed every time I was put in it for practice.This looks like a deep-sea diving helmet but is in fact a gas mask for babies, dating from World War II. In 1938, the British Government gave everyone, including babies, gas masks to protect them in case the Germans dropped poison gas bombs on Britain.

This gas mask was for children up to two years old. The parents placed their baby inside the mask so that the head was inside the steel helmet and the baby could see through the visor. Then they wrapped the canvas part around the baby’s body with the straps fastened under its bottom like a nappy, and its legs dangling free below. The canvas had a rubber coating to stop gas seeping through the material, and the straps were tied securely so that the mask was airtight.
There is an asbestos filter on the side of the mask, and this absorbed poisonous gases. Attached to this is a rubber tube shaped like a concertina with a handle. This was pushed back and forth to pump air into the mask. With the baby inside the mask, an adult could start to use the hand pump.
Health Visitors and Child Welfare Centres gave lessons on how to use the mask. Despite instruction courses, few parents were totally happy with encasing their child in an airtight chamber. In fact there was some question over its safety. During demonstrations there were reports that babies fell asleep and became unnaturally still inside the masks! It is likely that the pump didn’t push enough air into the mask and the babies came close to suffocating. Luckily, they were never put to the test in a real situation.
As well as the infant gas mask, there was a gas-proof pram that could be used to protect babies from poisonous gas attacks.
As asbestos ages it breaks down. It is now known that there is a link between asbestos and lung disease. It is very important that all asbestos is professionally removed from old gas masks. Was this where I got my contamination from, way before I was washing Rays clothes.????
Mum has told me how happy every one was when the war was declared over and the Celebrations began.

Royal Family on Buckingham Palace on VE Day

Many Beacons were lit last night even our one at Tankerton Slopes

Katherine Jenkins with performers from Strictly Come Dancing

A 1940s-themed concert has been held at Horse Guards Parade, as part of 70th anniversary commemorations of VE Day, the end of World War Two in Europe.

Thousands of spectators, including WW2 veterans, gathered at an aircraft hangar-style stage to see musical and dance acts influenced by the era.

Earlier, churches and cathedrals across the country rang their bells on the second day of celebrations.

And on Friday the Queen led a ceremony to light beacons across the UK.

Dancing couples

Saturday’s concert, entitled A Party to Remember, was hosted by Chris Evans and included performances from Katherine Jenkins, Status Quo, Pixie Lott, and couples from Strictly Come Dancing.

Actors John Simm, Julia Sawalha and Laurence Fox also gave readings.

A concert was held in London’s Horse Guards Parade, on the second day of VE Day celebration

check the link out if you missed all the wonderful entertainment.

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