Living With Asbestos -My Diary- The EAF Conference is underway

conference hall
The hall where the first EAF Conference is taking place today.

The beautiful NH 5-star NH Krasnapolsky Hotel is located right in the heart of Amsterdam, on Dam Square, facing the Royal Palace and the National Monument. Rooms

The European Asbestos Forum aims to improve professional networks and the exchange of knowledge regarding all matters related to asbestos.

For 2015, the main theme will be focused on labour: remediation, best practices, limit values, raising awareness in the workplace, national and European policy, enforcement of regulations, comparing regulations, asbestos drama’s and major law suits etc. The newest medical and some shocking new epidemiological insights will be shared as well. Convivial closing drinks and an optional conference dinner will round off the day in style.

There are many speakers from around the world and as I know Yvonne Waterman and know her dedication to riding the world of Asbestos (a woman after my own heart) also know some of the speakers but some are new to me so Im really interested in the conference.

The program of the day

 This how the run conferences nowadays, different speakers in different rooms –I always feel I miss out as I love to hear all the speakers and feel they should run it over many days so that everyone gets to hear all the news from around the world.
So the scene is set and I will be waiting for all the reports and photos and I wish EAF all the luck for a successful conference.
The speakers have met and had a relaxing meal together
Shhh the conference is starting says Asbestos Hunter
 Asbestos Hunter reports though from his Hotel —Would you believe what I ran into right outside my hotel? Portions are under renovation and the waste is being hauled on an open trailer through crowded streets. Asbestos everywhere.This is today In Amsterdam ???

I said I would have walked past that and just thought it was bags of cement as I wouldn’t have thought that someone could do such a thing in this day and age but of coarse they do. Here is a blatant case of Asbestos being abused as it is daily.
Cutting corners and right in the middle of of a busy City. Then people wonder where they came in contact with Asbestos. Well over the years you have been contaminated where ever you are. Everyone must have it in their lungs. How will they ever be able to solve the Mesothelioma peak I fear the answer is there will never be a top of the peak to get the figures down.
I hope asbestos Hunter talks about this today it needs to be talked about and named and shamed.
Please keep safe keep your eyes open for Asbestos -report fly tipping !!!!

Yesterday a stupid tweet appeared on twitter

Asbestos poisoning ain’t nothing. I dusted off the top of the Shoprite Coke machines and I swear it’s just days until I die.

I couldn’t let that go and told the person off and said i would swap his lungs for mine any day.

This was picked up by others and the tweets grew. Today he has put

You make one joke about politics, everything is ok. Make a single #mesothelioma joke, and everybody loses their minds!!!

——- It would have been better if he had put an apology what a  uncaring person.


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