Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- a memorial dedicated to those who died from asbestos poisoning was unveiled in Clydebank.

A very boring Sunday yesterday as the weather really is awful and we have 2 days of really bad weather coming over as a depression passes for the 1st day of Summer.

We stayed in but did venture out in the car to take the dog for a run in the park. We were the only fools there. Im afraid the car is getting muddy inside due these visits to the park but we have on happy dog who runs and runs for his ball. I keep loosing it in the long grass so the dog loves finding it and showing me where it is, a very clever dog.

We keep meeting rabbits and he keeps chasing them as well but the dive down their burrows for safety.

So we always take home a well exercised dog and we havent had to use much power to do it.

Ray has made me a series of what I call Labels to use on facebook, twitter and linkdene to raise awareness to our web site.This picture of the baby is me so it is an even better warning as I wasnt kept safe from Asbestos and I must have been surrounded even then by the wonder material that was to cause so many deaths.

asbestos man and baby asbestos in schools asbetsos trade

A great Memorial  has been reveled in Clydebank and I really do feel this should be repeated in every Hotspot. This must be raising so much Awareness  and those people that still dont know about Asbestos diseases cant fail to be educated then.

The catastrophe of this past wonder material really has caught up with us and we Warriors lost another suffere this week and yet last night 2 more contacted me and I was able to give them information and  guide them where to join our groups on Facebook and tell them what hospital to go to and even what solicitors to contact as neither knew how to claim. Its what we are all about. Social Media helps to make the first contact and we can them make sure they get all the info they need so they get the right treatment and show them where the trials are. Nobody likes the word palliative care and the trails do help us to get through and stretch the 3,6,9 months we are all given at the start and its great to amongst people that have stretched that into years.

AFTER more than a decade of waiting a memorial dedicated to those who died from asbestos poisoning is to be unveiled in Clydebank.

It will be erected at the square near the bottom of Hume Street by Glasgow Road, and the area will be renamed Truth and Justice Square, the motto of Clydebank Asbestos Group.

Many will attend the event on Saturday, including CAG activists, politicians, members of the public and those affected by asbestos around the country.

Hope Robertson, secretary of CAG, has breathed a sigh of relief as the project finally comes to a close.

She said: “At Clydebank Asbestos Group we’re very happy that on Saturday we’ll be unveiling the memorial. Everyone will be there, you name them, they’ll be there – we’re very excited. It’s been 15 years since my husband died of mesothelioma, and thirteen years fighting to get this memorial up. I’m over the moon.”

Clydebank Asbestos Group has commissioned Glasgow artist and sculptor Jephson Robb to create a fitting tribute to the thousands of people in the town who died after being exposed to asbestos.
However, the memorial will go beyond Clydebank and honour everyone around the world who has died as a result of the toxic substance.

Repeated exposure to asbestos can lead to mesothelioma and Clydebank is the worst affected area in the UK for this untreatable form of cancer.

The memorial will consist of five marble blocks, each 2.2m high and 0.5m thick, and will be arranged as a line of standing stones in the centre of public open space parallel to Glasgow Road.

The two outer blocks are to be engraved with the title, ‘International Asbestos Memorial’ on their outer faces, with the words ‘Truth’ and ‘Justice’ on their inner faces.

The three centre blocks will feature names of local and international victims of asbestos. A descriptive plaque will also sit next to the stones.

Designer Jephson Robb said: “The words truth and justice are important as the members of the Clydebank Asbestos Group have been fighting for truth and justice for a long time in their campaign.
“But we don’t want this memorial to be about distress and focusing on the past. We want to bring a positive message that’s aspirational and looking to the future.”

The stones are to be carved from marble on the basis that the white colour symbolises peace and hope, whilst also providing a reference to white asbestos.

The font used would be modern to avoid appearing like gravestones, while the blocks are intended as a modern take on the Celtic Standish stones which celebrated life and the future.

– See more at:

cb2014904p01_asbe_v02web14098454211025175729 (1).jpg

Elaine Ogilvie was there and took some lovely photos to show us Messowarriors

Mesowarrior Elizabeth Moore said ——I attended the unveiling of this memorial dedicated to people in Clydebank who died due to asbestos exposure my husband’s name is on it unfortunately Clydebank is the UK capital of asbestos related deaths

Clydebank say on their web site ——Just days after we remembered those who have lost their lives to asbestos related disease, a new report by the UN shows more than ever the need to keep asbestos issues to the fore in the minds of the public and politicians:  300 million people a year in Europe are potentially being exposed to asbestos which could lead to almost 15,00 lives per year being lost to asbestos-related disease.

It was a wonderful thing to do and the Awareness this is raising and will continue to do so is brilliant So many Mesowarriors all over the world. I come from a hot spot in Medway due to the Dockyard. Where there is a Dockyard then you have a hotspot. Ray has lost all his work mates isnt that so sad.

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- a memorial dedicated to those who died from asbestos poisoning was unveiled in Clydebank.

  1. Hi Mavis

    Thank you for your reply regarding the trial that you are on, my Dad is going to look at this for when his chemo has finished.

    Please can you let me know the name of the Facebook groups.

    Thanks Claire

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