Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Asbestos found in the House Of Commons Chamber ???????

I cant believe the Fires that have raging here in Kent over the weekend and yesterday

On Sunday My son and DIL came down for a visit and on way back they phoned to say something was well alight. They saw it from the M2 and it was causing everyone to look so slowing the traffic up.

Firefighters are tackling a serious laze at Viridor’s Plastics Recycling Facility at Clipper Close on the Medway City Trading Estate. My friend who lives in Rochester High Street had to close all her windows as the toxic fumes were getting in.

The day had been so sunny and hot that so many people must have been out in the open taking in these toxic fumes. Not good for the lungs.

Then Yesterday I was saddened to hear a row of shops burnt down in Maidstone.

Maidstone fire

Kent fire crews were first called to the vehicle fires in the Buckland Road and Somerfield Road areas at 01:15 BST.

Within an hour, 15 fire engines were also sent to The Works bookshop in Week Street, where three floors were alight.

A 22-year-old from the town is being questioned over the fires which led to a number of residents being evacuated from their homes.

Watch the fire on the news program

Although that looks like a row of shops it isnt the backs have burnt out. A bit of my history has gone as we lived in the Medway towns all our lives and shopped in Maidstone every week. Something we used to enjoy. Parking the car in Buckland Road and walking into town.

I waited yesterday with the telly on as I had been notified the Saatchi Bill was going to be read. I got it all wrong I though amendments were going to be read but it was in a long queue. The Saatchi Team had written ——–

Following the General Election and the state opening of Parliament the Medical Innovation Bill is to be reintroduced into Parliament.

A ballot was held on the evening of the state opening to determine the order of introduction of private members’ bills in the following days and weeks.

The Medical Innovation Bill is 28th in the queue and is due to be introduced into the House of Lords on June 8th 2015.

There is no guarantee that the Bill will get very far. There is a lot of competition for Parliamentary time and the majority of Private Member’s Bills do not progress to become Acts of Parliament.

Many thanks for all your support and interest in the Bill to date. We’ll keep you updated on the Bill’s progress.…/result-of-lords-private-member…/…

I sat through all the reading and discussion of the Scottish Bill and thought this is taking a long time. At 6pm I decided to investigate and a man tweeted to me that it was only being introduced to the House of Lords.

I cannot believe that after all that time last year of all the amendments to  get it to the House of Commons and then the Lib Dems not passing it we have to start again. What a waste of time and money and nerves.

So I have to find out now if it was introduced and if it can be heard and sorted in time to get it back to the House of Commons which now has been found has a problem with Asbestos.

The suspected substance was found in the ventilation system for the Commons chamber

CRISIS talks have been held on evacuating MPs from the Commons chamber after suspected asbestos was discovered in the air ventilation system.

Most MPs were kept in the dark as senior politicians and parliamentary officials discussed moving them to the House of Lords, forcing peers to relocate, in an emergency procedure last employed during the Second World War.

The substance, found in ducts a fortnight ago, was initially believed to be the white and even more dangerous brown types of cancer-causing asbestos, according to one Westminster source.

Experts warned that it could date back 15 years to when work was being done to remove asbestos from the building, raising fears that MPs may have been exposed to it for more than a decade, the insider said.

That really is horrific when you think about just how many people visit this gran building each year. BUT I cant help thing of the word Karma !! Parliament,ent in the 60’s knew that Asbestos was causing lung cancer and people were dieing but they decided that it would be cheaper to pay compensation than ban Asbestos. A decision I have always said with bite them in the bum. I said that but didn’t realise just how right I was. I pray that Ministers have not got Asbestos in their Lungs from the stupidity of those parliamentary officials. Only time will tell. I hope they scan people and make sure but maybe they will at least know how parents feel of School children and start realising Asbestos kills and lets get it out of Schools at least, stop chancing it.

I contacted ADAO and had a Skype. Richards widow Angela has said that she wants to work with me and we will be putting a plan together to work in Richards name so that is wish to work within the Mesowarriors to help will come to fruition

I asked Linda to do a blog so that we can tell the world what a marvelous man he was. He worked in research and gave his life to his work.

Prof. Richard Elliott

ADAO would like to honor Prof. Richard Elliott, a fallen Mesothelioma Warrior, and send our condolences to his wife, Angela.

Prof. Elliott was a valiant Mesothelioma Warrior who sought to further innovate the methods of cancer treatment and research for patients within the United Kingdom. Holding the Bill Jarrett Chair of Infectious Diseases at the University of Glasgow, Prof. Elliott knew the importance of innovative approaches to science, leading to his championing of the Medical Innovation Bill or, the Saatchi Bill. This bill would allow for doctors, clinicians, and surgeons to have the freedom to try innovative procedures when dealing with their patients’ various cancers, all with the permission of the patients. With his full support, the bill has made its way to the floor of Parliament, awaiting a decision.

Prof. Elliott is, and was, an inspirational man with the foresight to know that cancer treatments cannot stagnate if progress is to be made. Unfortunately though, he had to see the drastic effects of cancer first-hand in his own world. Mavis Nye, mesothelioma patient, remembers that “Richard continues the fight with mesothelioma as he asked the medical team to use his diseased tissue to help mesothelioma research.” And though his life may have ended far too soon, his legacy and work lives on, both in the support he gave and battle he fought. Mesothelioma robs many undeserving people of their lives, yet with Mesothelioma warriors like Dr. Richard Elliott fighting the good fight, there continues to be hope for the eradication of asbestos and the prevention of Mesothelioma as a whole.

ADAO joins the global community as we honor Dr. Elliott and his continuing legacy to improve the treatment for cancer patients.

I think that is a wonderful tribute and befits a great man. Our hearts go out to Angela and the family at this sad time.

But I hope they all remember him as he looked on 30th May

The Father of the Bride Bless him we will all miss this great man


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