Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Its Carers Week This Week, Marley Floor Tiles, Why does the House of Commons treat it so lightly when they find Asbestos ?

Couldn’t sleep last night and when i got up at 2.30am and worked for 2 hours and made a tea and took two Paracetamol I was violently sick. I hate that. I have so much going round and round in my head, I have had a very busy few days at the moment as new things are being put together. Now and again we have reassess or we go down the wrong paths. I realise although I campaign so hard for Asbestos Awareness  I have to keep my mind focus on the NHS and the medical side on Mesothelioma. There is so much to do to get the trials sorted out and a Doctor has come up with a plan for me to help on so I’m waiting for what this involves. In the mean time I have sorted my Face Book as I was getting muddled putting all the info of Mesothelioma and Asbestos on one group and with so many people joining and following my info I have made two groups to separate the subjects. All this has kept me busy. then yesterday a writer that I have been friends with for sometime has talked to about her thoughts and she has ides for a great write-up that I would like to get involved with So we are following up together to write about a  situation but I also want to cover the campaign of Asbestos in schools. There is so much to do. When they find Asbestos in the House of Commons in the air ducts and in a meeting they poo hoo!!! this where do we get through just how serious that is. Embedded image permalink Laurie Kazan-Allen has written a wonderful piece on the subject

Asbestos Spectre Haunts Parliament

Having won the general election, you would think there was little blighting the future for Tory Ministers and MPs now free to impose their cuts, push forward the agenda of their financial backers and continue their back-room deals with vested interests. Over recent days, there have been revelations which indicate that the politicians are not as far removed from the plight of ordinary citizens as they might like to think. It seems that the conditions in which they work at the Palace of Westminster are no different to those experienced by school teachers, hospital staff and custodial staff employed in other asbestos-riddled premises.1 In the country with the world’s highest incidence of asbestos cancer, there is every reason to be concerned about the impact these exposures could have even on Tory politicians. The fact that the walls of the Palace of Westminster are “packed with asbestos” is no secret.2 Despite Parliament’s Asbestos Management Plan, dangerous incidents occur with an alarming frequency. It was reported in The Sunday Times this week that the latest occurred in mid-May 2015 when asbestos fibers contaminated the House of Commons chamber via an “air ventilation system.”3 Whilst “crisis talks” over the asbestos emergency took place among senior officials and parliamentary officials, the majority of MPs, staff members and civil servants were left in the dark. In a move not contemplated since World War II, plans were being considered to evict peers in order to accommodate MPs in an asbestos-free chamber. On June 3, Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin tried to clarify the situation by submitting written question 1031 to the House of Commons Commission.4 The answer provided by Sir Paul Beresford on June 9 downplayed the risks and reassured Commons’ users “that there is no reason to stop using the Chamber, or the adjacent offices and spaces.” There are plans, Beresford wrote, “to eradicate the asbestos in the trunking by the end of 2015…” The carefully worded response given by Beresford may reassure some but others, including union officials representing members employed in the Commons, are being consulted about the possibility of instigating further enquiries. Whatever the true level of risk posed by the latest incident, the reality is that the health of those people who have worked or visited the seat of the British government over recent decades has been endangered by “asbestos deposits… present within the Palace of Westminster.” Having absorbed the latest news, let us pause for a few moments to consider the effects that periodic asbestos exposures might have had on someone who has been in and out of the Palace of Westminster for 24 years – someone like David Cameron, perhaps? Whilst there is no way to know how many fibers he has inhaled during that time, there is no such thing as safe exposure to asbestos. Given the debilitating and fatal nature of the types of cancers associated with asbestos exposure, Cameron and the Westminster cohort might now wish to reconsider the Tory Government’s low priority for research on mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases – lives on the line may be their own. June 10, 2015 Lets hope he does come to his senses and sorts the problem out and think hard about how we can solve the problem of Asbestos. Throughout the history of Asbestos the evidence has always been kept low key and now we have a huge problem to sort out. I had an interesting question yesterday from a man on Linkedin about Marley tiles that had me going back into the history of the company

Marley Floorings

October 1963.

of Sevenoaks and Lenham, Kent 1948 Marley Tile Co introduced asphalt floor tiles. 1952 Marley Tile Co introduced Marleyflex vinyl floor tiles 1956 Marley Tile Co acquired Wallington Weston Co Ltd, producer of flooring and plastic sheeting, which became Marley Floorings We live near Lenham and through my younger years had friends who worked at the Factory never realizing they were working with Asbestos.  We laid down red and white flooring tiles right through the kitchen and passage way in our first house and now wonder if later owners have prised them up and the damage they have done to themselves. Although Mark Winters Training Manager & Product Development at SMH Products Ltd  yesterday was telling me, when I asked for info, that its the bitumen that we used to stick the tiles down with that has the Asbestos in. So be warned if you have lino or a carpet still hiding these tiles. This week is carers week. I’m always saying how carers are amazing. They are hidden heroes who care for loved ones day and night, often without a break or a holiday away from these responsibilities. They are always there and I find that like myself where were planning and starting retirement poor Rays life has completely changed and he now has to run me to Doctors appointments and chemo’s and now The Royal Marden. I know he never moans but is nice to have a week where we sit and realise just what a career does. Thank you. The Source I was also invited to write in Source I had to write a nice and a nasty thing that was said to me so I wrote 6 years ago-The Nastiest-After having 7 ltrs of Fluid drained from my Lungs – You have Mesothelioma and You are terminal and have about 3 months. go and put your things in order – After 4 Lines of Chemo The nicest -Go to the Marsden they are Going to do a trial of Immunotherapy -I have to add that after 1 year of the MK3475 I have over 75% shrinkage. Remember no one knows how a person can fight and for how long so always remain positive. Its hard at times but it can happen and it could be You They loved it and published and invited me to write more. There are others so check the link out and read the Inspirations. Rays Blog


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