Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A weekend Camping At The Isle of Sheppy.


Map of Isle of Sheppey

A lovely weekend at Barton Point Coastal Park at Minster on the Isle of Sheppy. Set in over 40 acres of outstanding natural beauty, Barton’s Point Coastal Park features a Salt-Water Lake, a section of the Sheppey Cycle Route and is the perfect location for camping, Bird Watching, Orienteering, Geo-Caching, flying a Kite, Water Sports, Picnics or dining out in the Boathouse Cafe.

We arrived Friday and the sun was beaming away. With 29 other M/H’s we settled in and was soon sitting in our chairs with a cup of tea.


A young couple came in with a trailer tent that they had just bought and wanted to see how to erect it. Well it took them from 12.15pm to 4.30pm. I said your better than having the telly on as we sat and watched and tried to help them. The young man swore all the rods were out but after trying hard he realised he had left a bag of them in the box seat. He had to fit on a Living room and then a porch and kitchen

Image result for older trailer tent

They end up with a large living area and they enjoyed a night there but took it down Saturday and disappeared home as they lived on the Island.

We went off for a walk and a play with Louis it was getting very black and a little chilly.


and then a storm blew up and it poured so we went indoors, snuggled in and had dinner.

Waking up on Saturday the sky was cloudy but Blue sky was peeping through and it was warm.

We walked around the park and then on up to the beach.

Minster Leas Beach - Kent

Walked back and had lunch and a nod off.

Then we all met up for a french afternoon which was really nice as Carol and Colin had just got back from France and bought back a fresh strawberries and a gorgeous French cider that everyone enjoyed.


Im a bit worried if he got this through Customs ha ha !!!


Margaret came all dressed up –well i dont think she normally dresses like this ?


Carol should a her lovely legs dressed in stockings.


Lots of food was laid out.


People tucked in and there was lots of laughter and fun as we chatted all afternoon into the evening until the chill of the night had us going in.

This morning we got up and tidied around took Louis for a walk and then all met up around the flag where we sit and have coffee morning. Talk about the next meets and then we came back to the M/H where I cooked a brunch.

A final walk around and throwing the ball and saying goodbye and we set of home.

It was lovely to have a relaxing weekend and get away from Asbestos and Trials and live as if life was normal. Now we are back and have to get ready to go to the Royal Marsden Tuesday for the drug. back to the fight.


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