Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- My visit to the Royal Marsden for Drug no 27. Watch BBC2 tomorrow at 9-15am to see Our UK Mesowarriors Claire and Paul

Our UK Mesowarriors Paul and Claire Cowley with little Ethan has an exciting day tomorrow as she has told us “Our story should be featured on the Victoria Derbyshire show this Wednesday BBC2 from 9.15am! Please look out for us talking asbestos in schools, mesothelioma and how it has and does effect us!”

I’m really looking forward to this as I have met them at Mesothelioma UK Conference and we had a great time.

Their story is here

I have been at the Royal Marsden today. After a great journey we booked in and was soon seen bloods done.

Then the wait to see if everything is OK.

I was called in by Sam he is the Australian Doctor and we had a chat but really nothing has changed and I feel well my bloods were OK so he signed for the drug to be made up.

After our usual coffee and cake treat and then sat out in the wonderful sunny day that was going on outside. The cars were queuing up to park, they really do need more space as people come form such a long way, you have to travel in by car.

Image result for photos of  royal marsden sutton car park

Going back in we didn’t wait to long and I was called in and given my drug. Its all got very routine now. Everyone knows me and Im so comfortable with everyone. Im missing so many people now that aren’t there from when I started a year ago. I don’t ask I know they have gone. New people are there now and you know they are all terminal and putting all their hope into the drugs they are taking. Their family sit by their sides so worried as they start on the new journey. I want to hug every one of them.

Yet I said to Ray people are so strong and it is such a happy place, people do hide their fears well.

So with my drug in my veins I was flushed and PIC line all wrapped up and I could go home.

Image result for photos of  royal marsden sutton

I found a great video on their web site

The weather was so lovely we pulled up out side the home and grabbed Louis and took him to the park to run and play with a new smiley faced ball I had bought him.

It was a wonderful half and hour spent with my favorite boys. Life is wonderful and I have had a wonderful 6 years when I thought it was all over and here I’am enjoying a wonderful sunny day.

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