Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Fathers Day, Im going to the Asbestos The Truth Conference and at last House Surveys are being advertised


For My Dad On Fathers,  I know this man, Who is dear to my heart, Suddenly one day It was torn all apart
This man taught me everything That I needed to know But I never really listened Until he had to go
He gave me love And touched my life It’s all over now He no longer has to fight
He tried to teach me Right for wrong The day he left I wasn’t that strong He is gone now It is hard to believe
This man is my dad Who I will never see But I will see him again This I know The day will come When it’s time for me to go
So, I’ll hold him dear And close to my heart Cause the day we meet I know we’ll never be torn apart.

Love you Pops with all my heart and miss you so much xxxxxxxx

Today has been fathers Day and I have loved looking and reading all the Mesowarriors pictures and words of their fathers.

So many lovely men that shouldn’t have died so young but the devils dust killed them, because they worked with Asbestos around, them all those years ago.

I know why I do all I do, as we have really bought Asbestos into the news. We are altogether on Facebook and being together has made one voice sound so loud as one voice joined with thousands becomes a huge voice.

People are listen to us. As I’m contacted to go to conferences now.

Friday I was invited to A very exciting one, in September, that is very much for the Industry and so i will bring the patients side to it as we chat around. More and more the Industry is interested in the plight of what happens to people and makes them realise they are doing a great job, making it safe for the future. There is a lot of work to be done though.

Asbestos The Truth remains the largest event in the Asbestos industry with 89% of our exhibitors describing the conference as extremely useful for their business.
Asbestos The Truth visitors are loyal to the event with 73% of exhibitors agreeing they saw visitors they wouldn’t see elsewhere!

Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities

Asbestos The Truth is back for 2015!

This year, Asbestos The Truth returns to London on September 2nd. Addressing key public/private sector asbestos management challenges with a mission to equip professionals with the right technical knowledge to plan for future changes to technology and legislation

Fred Dinenage

Fred Dinenage announced as Conference Facilitator for 2015! Conference organisers Lucion Environmental have this week revealed that British Broadcaster and former “How” and “How 2″ presenter Fred Dinenage will be facilitating Asbestos The Truth Conference 2015! Fred is one of the South’s longest-serving broadcasters whose connections with ITV go back to the 60’s. His television career began in. (He is our Local Television News reader here in South England so I hope to meet him.

Martin Stear 2

Martin Stear set to return as speaker at Asbestos The Truth 2015

“Asbestos Management vs Removal” Following on from Martin’s extremely well received carousel session at 2014’s Asbestos The Truth Conference, the former HSE Principal inspector will be returning to this years event to deliver the session “Asbestos Management vs Removal”. Taking to the main stage Martin will look at the legal

Please make this law More and more Companies are offering the service of House surveys Its great to see more and more Companies are offering the service but I wish it was a law. There is no need to panic but at least you would be aware you had Asbestos in your house and you would then be able to keep an eye out as it gets older and older. or maybe over the years call the experts in and have it removed. —…/home-buyer-asbestos-surv…/

Most standard home surveys will note common asbestos materials used in the building industry but no advice will be given regarding the condition or likely costs involved with dealing with such materials, since it is normally outside their scope of their work.

Asbestos surveys can be difficult to understand to the un-trained eye and we have developed this service specifically for property buyers and sellers to ensure that any materials can be clearly identified. We also include jargon-free advice about any materials identified and what can be done to make them safe.

Based on the standard HSG264 Management Asbestos Survey, the home buyer’s asbestos survey also includes estimated costs for any remedial work that may be required for dangerous or badly deteriorated materials, ensuring you are not buying a property which may cost you a small fortune in the future.

Following a Home Buyer Asbestos Survey you will receive:

  • A “Management Asbestos Survey report” with schematic diagram and asbestos register, in accordance with HSG264
  • Clear recommendations in layman’s terms
  • Approximate costs for any likely remedial / removal work
  • Bulk sampling certificate from UKAS accredited laboratory relating to any samples taken
  • Easy to read report layout

All reports are printed in full colour, bound, presented by hard copy, emailed in PDF format and a copy created on compact disc.


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