Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-Summer walks-Saatchi Bill is moving through Parliament, Did you know how good Basil was.

The summer has shown herself at last and we can shed some clothes and stroll in the warmth of her breath. We got up early and I showered and walked Louis out in the early morning sun. The world was so quiet and so a new morning was just beginning as the sun was rising. The rays were so warm even this early.

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© Nirbhay Kwatra 9 years old wrote this poem bless him he has such an older mind to write his poems.

A Sunny Day

The sun was shining so bright,
having beaten the clouds in fight.

We wanted to go out for fun,
I wish the clouds could beat the sun.

Evening came and the sun went down,
We all went for a walk in the town.

Water was flowing down the stream,
While I was licking my ice cream.

The stars shone brightly in the sky,
they finally showed all their might

I waited for Ray to wake up and had his breakfast, the dog got another walk up the lane while I did the housework. Off to the shops where I bought fruit and vegetables as I have made a shopping list for a healthy eating week. Mango’s avocado pears for a salsa lemon and limes food for the summer.
I made this for dinner to go with the meat I had cooked made with dicing the mangos and avocado’s mixing with chopped onions lemon and lime juice and a dash of sweet chilli sauce I watched for Rays face to pucker up in  a Ekkk!!! it didn’t come he really enjoyed the fresh taste. Phew!!
We had trouble with my computer. It appears there is a bug on Windows 7 pro when you buy a new hard drive. It wanted to load new updates but it goes round and round in a loop after being on all night we had looked the problem up.
So after a lot of mucking around we have the computer on and go in and turn updates off. We have to see if that cures it. Why do they muck around like this. Dont they ever check their program’s.
If you ever get the problem just google, all the answers are there.
After lunch we went to our park. So many people are finding the park today. I use the walk to try to build up the muscles in my legs as after the chemo days my body is so weak. We have a busy July coming up with lots of visits to London so I have to try to build myself up more. The car park always has a lot of cars in where people go on long round walks to Blean Woods.  envy them. I used to be able to walk to Canterbury now I can only walk around a small round walk but throwing the ball for the dog makes it longer for him and he comes back to the car worn out.
Back home I worked on the computer and it all seems ok now fingers crossed.
The Asbestos world is very much full of the Asbestos in the Palace and the House of Commons. With everyone maybe having to move out.
My best bit of news from the Saatchi Team was the Bill has got  through to the House of Commons. Now we can get on with debating the Bill as we have wasted enough time.

Where are we now?

First of all, all the amendments made in the House of Lords, which won over the support of the Lords, remain.

Second, there is much more time available now for MPs to debate the Bill. We are not faced with a looming general election and we are at the beginning of the new Parliament. This means that MPs can debate and amend the Bill.

We know that government ministers support the Bill, as does Labour’s shadow health Minister Andy Burnham. So, it has a good chance.

But there is, as you know, genuine opposition from some medical bodies, including Royal Colleges and the BMA. Many have changed their positions over the past two years and we hope we can persuade them to change their minds back again to supporting the Bill, as it develops.

Lord Saatchi listened to his colleagues in the Lords and amended the Bill and now MPs will have their say – and through them, so will all those – patients, doctors and lawyers – who have an opinion.

This is democracy and we hope all will join the debate and make this Bill a success.

I came across this very imformative blog on herbs Wendy Rae Herbalist, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master / Teacher

Did you know that basil has the same effect of anti inflammatory relief as aspirin?

Did you know that basil originated in India?

Did you know that basil is a great healer of blood vessels and can reduce cholesterol levels?


Basil is high in magnesium.

Basil can help arthritis pain and inflammation.

Basil is a great source of iron, Vit C, calcium, and potassium.

Use basil raw (like in pesto) or at the end of the cooking process to retain the healing oils that are so beneficial.

One serving of basil gives a person 60% of their daily value of Vitamin K.

Basil’s flavonoids can protect cell structure from radiation.

Essential oil of basil has been shown to be effective against Staph infections.


Basil is a great tonic for the kidneys and preventing stones.

Gargle with basil water for a sore throat.

Combat mucus with basil (its the high magnesium content).

Relieve stress with basil scents: crush the leaves or add a little basil essential oil to your pulse points.

Chew on basil leaves to get rid of those pesky canker sores.

Add basil essential oil to your homemade bug spray.

Rub crushed basil leaf on bug bites for relief. (Works on ringworm, too.)

Add dried basil powder to your homemade herbal tooth powder for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Basil is so incredible, I think we should start a world campaign of throwing basil leaves everywhere and rolling around in them. Just think of how happy everyone would be. Or…. we can just eat pesto?


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