Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Goodnight to another Mesowarrior when will it stop, Breathing problems in the humid air.

What a sad sad day yesterday was. People laying on a beach having a great holiday on minute and dead the next because of a crazed Gunman. 2 little boys stabbed by a man, Then the poor man in France decapitated. So much killing I despair what the world is coming to and then I had the sad news of the death of a Mesowarrior.

I  joined her daughter into the Mesowarriors group when sh contacted me through facebook as her mother had only just had the usual story of us warriors. The fluid in the lungs at the new year and going down hill so fast. I suspect she had the fast growing Mesothelioma

So many deaths It really does make you so sad.

I had a great time in the garden with Ray as we cut down my flags (Iris’s) and did a general tidy up.

Here you can lose your thoughts and work everything out but all I got was aching muscle’s in the leg. It became hard to walk and also hard to breath in the humid air.

We decided not to go away but I wish now we had. Sometimes we need to escape and just enjoy ourselves. But I live by the sea so we will spend today in the garden and then walk on the beach later .

I just love where we live and can see why my Mum and Dad had bought a caravan when the retired and spent as much time as possible here. It seem strange taking photos of a scene they also had taken in the 1980’s.

Seasalter is between Graveney Marshes and Whitstable  and Herne Bay; and across the water we can see  the Isle of Sheppey. Also the Saxon Shore Way runs through so we see a lot of walkers in the summer, either marching along in groups or sitting down on the wall eating their packed lunches and chattering away.


We see the oyster catcher come back from the oyster beds. We do live in a pretty area but we need the sun to shine like it is today

Yet we are in the countryside with green fields and orchards stretching for miles.

A lovely blog of a walker around our coast line

So the sun is beaming away and the promise of a heat wave coming at last we can put on the sun screen and just roast.

The only thing is that the air is so humid so this really makes our breathing feel tighter. It got hard yesterday and so i held my little face fan just by my mouth and found breathing was better. Trying to type got a bit awkward ha ha !!!

British Lung wrote a great piece to give advice about humid air.

During a heat wave extreme heat can force your body into overdrive as it tries to stay cool.  You start to perspire and you can become dehydrated and overheat. This can make you feel more breathless and make your lung condition feel worse.

If a heatwave is forecast, plan your day so that you can stay out of the heat.  Avoid going outside during the hottest time of day, which is normally between 11 am and 3 pm.

Make sure you have enough medication at home. If you haven’t, contact your GP practice to get more. You should also talk to your health care professional about having a written plan so you know what to do if you feel unwell.

Here are my top tips for looking after yourself in a heatwave:

1. Avoid the heat

Avoid the heat: stay out of the sun and don’t go outside between 11am and 3pm. If you have to go out, or have things to do, try planning your day to do them in the cooler parts of the day.

2. Keep out of the sun

If you do need to go out during the day, avoid being in the sun for long stretches, and wear loose, cool clothing and a hat.

3. Pack a bag of essentials

Take a bag of essentials with you such as any medication that you might need, plenty of water and a fan.

4. Reduce strenuous activity

Reduce or avoid strenuous activity in the heat (indoors and outdoors). Limit activities like housework and gardening to the early morning or evening when it’s cooler. The benefits of exercise are great if you have a lung condition, so make sure you exercise indoors in a cool, well-ventilated room or gym instead.

5. Drink cold water

Drink cold water regularly even if you do not feel thirsty. Avoid alcohol, which makes you pee more and causes you to dehydrate.

6. Keep your house cool

Try to keep your house cool. Closing blinds or curtains can help. Keep the windows closed while the room is cooler than it is outside.  If it is safe to do so, open windows at night when the air is cooler.

7. Take cool baths or showers

Take cool baths or showers, or splash yourself with cool water.

8. Use a handheld fan

Try using a handheld fan and let the cool air blow towards the middle part of your face. Hold it about six inches from your face. You may also find a floor standing fan or desktop fan helps. Do not have the fan blowing directly into your face, as this may cause you to inhale dust.

9. Eat as normal

Try to eat as you normally would – even if you aren’t hungry. You need a normal diet to replace salt losses from sweating. In addition, try to have more cold foods, particularly salads and fruit, as these contain a lot of water.

10. Check pollution and pollen

Avoid areas of high pollution, such as near busy roads. You can check pollution levels online, and if you have hay fever or other allergies you should also check the pollen count.

We are always helping each other with tips on how to cope with the disease. I love the way we are all together and such friends, I hate the way the numbers are growing though daily I add more people into the groups. I don’t know if it’s because the figure are growing or because we are more open and talk about things.

Rays blog

Update on my stale sweet purchase. I received from ebay an email advising me that I had been given a full refund from the seller. I contacted the seller to thank him for what was a surprise gesture. Mavis has had problems with her new computer. We sat together to sort it. Fingers crossed ….. Its been warm again so it was a nice walk round the park. [ 108 more words. ]


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