Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – A wonderful Sun Set, Wimbledon is off to a great start, and Im heading BLF for Mesothelioma Action Day

Such a hot hot day but we musnt complain as we get such few nice days.

Last night we had a wonderful sunset that  had been caught  by Whats on Whitstable. From our home it was a lot redder than this.

But a wonderful photo anyway Then this morning it was just like this again. Turner used to love our sun sets here and painted so many of them.

We have done the dog play at the park and we were all on our own. Although there was a thing that happened that made me smile.

A car pull up and two young people had a kiss then she got into a car that was parked up. Love it was it an illicit love affair going on. I will never know.


Wimbledon has started at last and amazing the weather is warm and so nice.

There has been so many years where we have wet weather.and all you see is the covers going on and off so we hope that this year they can play all the games in the dry.

The best seat in the house

Sue Barker will present live coverage across BBC One and BBC Two with 153 hours of tennis scheduled.

Joining her will be expert pundits such as John McEnroe, Tim Henman, Andy Roddick, Martina Navratilova, Lindsay Davenport and Virginia Wade.

If you miss any of the action, Clare Balding will present Wimbledon 2 day on BBC Two, rounding up all the best bits from the All England Club.

The new daily highlights programme will feature a live audience and celebrity guests who will talk about the latest news and hottest topics.

I don’t like the early games as we see the lesser player being knocked out but the champions.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen i know but then it’s so sad to see a great player get knocked out so soon.


Industrial vacuums stolen from construction site contain ‘dangerous’ levels of asbestos, police have warned. Why do people put themselves into such danger but there you go they now will have a lifetime worrying whether the have taken the dust into their body.

Who knew: in 1980 they released an aluminium coated chrysotile asbestos bound limited edition Stephen King book “Firestarter”. Crazy. On the plus side only 26 were made and they’re worth a fortune now. GARY MCKENDRICK mentioned on LInkdin –Just read it alone, outside and with your respirator on. What a crazy thing to have done as it was 1980 and it was well-known by the normal man who Asbestos was dangerous.

Asbestos Onestop's photo.
British Lung Foundation have used my story to highlight Mesothelioma Day 3rd July 2015.
I’m so honoured they have chosen me
They say at the end of my story :-
Mesothelioma research funding graphic

Research into mesothelioma receives less funding than other cancers which kill similar numbers of people, and that’s something I want to change. Raising the profile of mesothelioma is really important to me; I want more people to know what it is and the impact it has on so many lives like mine.

Action Mesothelioma Day is a great opportunity to talk about this.

We will find a cure for this deadly disease. But we can’t make it happen without more funding for research and support for mesothelioma.

This Action Mesothelioma Day, please consider making a donation to the BLF and help us get one step closer to the end of this asbestos-related cancer.

I hope my story brings hope to others and the donations roll in.

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